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Variety within Boxing gloves

Boxing is a very tough sport. It requires immense physical strength and mental strength. In fact it demands the highest levels of above mentioned factors for people to sustain the sport.

Nonetheless, it is a wonderful sport. Most people all across the world tend to see the sport as a violent and abusive sport. Yes, it is violent and abusive and can be quite injurious for people who participate in the sport. But the sport cultivates tremendous fitness among the individuals and prepares you to face almost anything and everything you face in life. As such life is filled with several obstacles and it is very important for us to let go of things we lose and take pride in whatever we achieve.

Boxing is a tough sport which requires immense training and conditioning. It also requires several safety precautions. You ought to follow them with at most sincerity. Having the right kind of boxing equipment for various activities related to the sport is essential to master the sport as well as safeguard us from severe blows which could be devastating. And there are gloves meant for every activity and spheres of boxing. They are listed below.

7 to 8oz Bag Gloves:

These are old fashioned bag gloves. They have minimum padding protection with little wrist support. They are usually used for training amateurs. They offer very little protection but they tend to give you a direct feeling of the blow while you punch. However, they should not be used during sparring as it can be quite injurious for both the participants.

Bag Gloves:

Bag gloves have a Velcro-fastened hook and loop tie off now. They are sold in 12, 14 and 16 oz varieties. Amateurs use amateur fight gloves which weigh about 10 or 12 oz. Pro fight gloves weighs about 8, 10 and 12 oz respectively. One of the biggest advantages of these gloves is that it weighs more than the traditional fight gloves.

Weighted Bag Gloves:

They usually come in 16 oz sizes. These gloves induce weights in the wrists and they tend to increase speed, strength and resistance training. The weight of the gloves roughly varies between 4 to 4.5 pounds. This weight can be added and subtracted depending upon our desires for several different workouts.

Lace Up Gloves:

They can accommodate supportive hand wraps and tend to stay tight for an entire match. However, they need to be taped up and signed by the official to state the approval before the match commences.

Training Gloves:

They are usually worn when some exercise or training is done for some athletic event. They are simple open fingered gloves used for lifting weights. They are highly inexpensive compared to other gloves. They are also used for training in boxing as well as other martial arts that involve striking of hands.

Exercise Gloves:

These boxing gloves are meant for exercising. They are generally used for boxing, lifting weights, jogging etc. They have a non slip pad as well as extra padding to support and give you a better grip over the equipments you lift.

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