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Variation between boxing shoes and wrestling shoes








    Most people are in an assumption that same shoes are used for both boxing and wrestling, but it is wrong and there are some differences between them. The shoes meant for these martial art games enhance protection, balance and traction to the users. Let us see what those differences are?

Boxing Shoes


  • Boxing shoes are as same as the regular shoes in size and the boxers should try it before purchasing them.

  • It is available in three different heights such as high tops, mid-rise and low tops. All these types are designed to support ankle, but the boxing shoes offer some extra rise than wrestling shoes.

  • These shoes are available in different varieties of materials and meant for keeping the foot cool with ventilation.

  • It is designed with light weight material than wrestling shoes because the sweat can make the shoes heavier and provides discomfort to the boxer.

  • Boxing soles are generally made of leather for athlete traction and designed in a possible way for the boxer to move quickly. Also, it has the ability to keep the boxer foot cool and dry.


  • The wrestling shoe sizes are generally larger than the boxing shoes size and after using a few times, these shoes have the possibility to stretch.

  • Wrestling shoes do not come in different heights and in this aspect, the wrestling shoes have less options when compared to its competitor, boxing shoes.

  • It is also made with different varieties of materials, but these shoes are generally made with light weight fabric with close fitting and durability.

  • Wrestling shoes are made of rubber soles and come as a split and non- split sole option. These soles offer more comfort and traction than the boxing shoes.


    These are the  variations between those two kinds of shoes and Proboxing gear offers different kinds of shoes for boxing such as nylon shoes, designer shoes half height nylon, leather shoes, Russian sambo shoes and ninja tabi shoes in half height and full height with best quality and affordable price. Make use of the shoes designed by them and fight with comfort and ease.

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