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Different types of Boxing gloves











    Boxing gloves have been found throughout history and used by different cultures and different styles of fighting. Most people think that gloves are used to protect the person getting punched but they are used to protect your hands.

    Some people think where they can store their boxing gloves. Not everyone has a free space in their house or apartment. If you are buying for your gym, then it is not an issue. Your hand is made up of small bones, tendons and ligaments which can damage your internal parts. In boxing hands are your weapons, and if you do not protect them, your boxing career will be short lived.

    What kind of gloves to buy? This depends on what are you going to do. There are different types of gloves and each one can be used for something different.If you are a boxer in training then try out training gloves. These will help keep your thumbs and fist in the correct position and avoid injury.

    If you want to practice mixed martial arts, buy MMA gloves. Do you have a heavy bag that you like to take some aggression out on? It can be a great way to exercise your upper body and stay fit. You can look into heavy bag glovesthat are made just for this purpose.

    Professional fight gloves are suitable for professional players. If you’re into kickboxing, you can use aerobic gloves for practice. Amateur competition gloves are meant for beginners.

Boxing Gloves Types


If you are going to work out with a heavy bag use bag gloves, as it helps in building stamina and strength. It is a great cardio workout. As the name suggests heavy bag, they are heavy but not very hard. To protect your hand and wrist, it is important that you wear bag gloves. You will need heavy bag gloves for workouts and training. They will give your hands the much needed protection that they require. They will help you to keep control and punch accurately and correctly. Many people have a misconception that most injuries occur in face but the truth is more people injure their hands while boxing and fighting. A good set of bag gloves will have finger loops and thumb padding that will train your hands into the correct punching position. If you’re going to train make sure you are training the right way or else it could all be in vain. Before buying a pair of bag gloves look into these factors:

  • Have finger loops
  • Thumb padding
  • Well padded
  • Made up of leather materials


Training gloves are not meant for professional boxers, but for anyone who wants to learn proper technique of throwing a punch. Most people think that training gloves are there to protect the person who is getting hit. They are meant to protect your hands. The bones in your hand are fragile and constant abuse can really cause some damage. Training gloves are available in different sizes and colors. To find out which is recommended for you, let’s break them down.

Training gloves are based on weight. Typically you’ll find them in the following weight classifications:

  • 10 ounces
  • 12 ounces
  • 14 ounces
  • 16 ounces

Now that you know about the different sizes in boxing gloves, you should also know which size is the right one for you. It is simple to find out. Heavier the gloves, more protection it will provide. If you’re a beginner, 14 to 16 ounce would be better. They will provide more protection and teach you proper way to punch without hurting yourself. Professional boxers use 10 ounce gloves and for sparring, 16 ounce gloves are standard.

Now you have to find out which type of gloves you would require either lace up gloves or Velcro? This is more or less a personal preference because both have similar aspects and can do the best job possible.All these choices are not enough; you have to choose from various colors. They range from black to pink and everywhere in between. If you are going in for training gloves, make sure you have some hand wraps.


Professional players should wear professional fight gloves to win the match. Professional fight gloves are smaller and lighter than training gloves. It weighs 8, 10 or 12 oz depending on the weight division. Being lace based they are well padded which can protect your hands and wrist from injury. Buy Amber professional fight gloves which are versatile and durable in nature. You can buy 8, 10 or 12 oz amber professional boxing gloves which are based on boxing standards. These are available in various colors from Black, blue, green, Red, white and yellow. Proboxinggear.com sells these types of gloves. Before buying one look into these factors:

  • Made up of leather
  • Well padded for protection purpose
  • Filled with closed cell foam for safety purpose
  • Attached thumb


Amateur gloves are meant for beginners. Amateur competition is very important for success. Gloves should have good wrist support and have an open palm glove. Make sure they are well padded so that your hands are free from injury. Choosing the best amateur gloves is not that easy. They are available in various colors. Before buying such a type of glove, make sure they are well padded, made according to USA boxing requirement and also approved by USA boxing. If you want to buy such a type of glove, go in for Amber brand. They meet USA boxing standards.


Cardio kickboxing can help you in body toning that may be so much fun, you’ll forget you’re working out. A cardio kickboxing routine combines with plenty of kicking. You will need aerobic gloves if you plan to hit a punching bag. Aerobic gloves are meant for kickboxing. To protect your hands and wrist while kickboxing wear aerobic gloves. Before buying Aerobic gloves look into certain things:

  • Well padded
  • Thumb padding
  • Made up of leather
  • Velcro


MMA or mixed martial arts have become very popular. Martial arts can be seen on every cable network in United States. In this style of fighting, you will find moves and styles that cross borders and makes cultures. Due to different types of moves involved, traditional boxing gloves would not work. A glove should be able to protect your hand but still allow full hand movement and control. A new model of gloves named MMA gloves was formed. These gloves can protect all the bones, tendons and ligaments in your knuckles and hands.

If you do not own a pair, make sure you get a high quality pair that can withstand all the abuse that you are going to vent out. Cheap gloves can fall apart quickly and lack the proper protection that your hands need. Before buying a MMA gloves you have to look into few things.

  • A brand name that is well known, like Amber o
  • Comfortable fit
  • Tight fitting gloves that does not come off easily
  • Proper padding
  • Proper knuckle and wrist support
  • Advanced closed cell foam

Make sure you buy a MMA gloves that can protect your hands.It is important that you choose boxing gloves that can protect your hand from injury.

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