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A complete guide on Punching bags








    Working out with punching bags is one of the best full-body workouts you can engage in. A heavy bag workout routine can develop skills that come in handy. Nonstop punching is tiring, it’s better to break your workout into rounds. Boxers use three minute rounds with a minute of rest in between.


If a person is spending time punching a heavy bag, he needs to use boxing hand wraps. Punching a heavy bag continuously can cause injuries. A beginner should punch slowly until their hands and wrists adapt to the stress of this sort of high-impact exercise program. Boxing gloves are also important. While hitting the punching bag, boxing gloves will allow you to hit the bag harder without fear of bruising your knuckles. Weight of a pair of boxing gloves can add some resistance to the punches. Gloves can give you a good workout.


A punching bag can improve your physical and mental health

Punching Bags Training

A punching bags is an excellent way to improve one’s health state. A punching bag is great for your emotional health and a great stress buster. Besides health benefits it has a bonus benefit. If you hit punching bag randomly you will gain some strength and improve your physical conditioning. You can improve your fighting skills if you use certain techniques. There are various types of bags that have different sizes, shapes and prices to accommodate to the needs of everyone.

Big punching bags can train your jabs and uppercut punches. A big bag has lot of resistance which can give you more intense training and a realistic feeling of beating up a person thus improving your strength. Small bags can improve your agility and quick response. While hitting a small bag, it swings, hits the ceiling and comes back fast.

Both boxers and non boxers can use punching bags to relieve their stress and repressed aggression. You might be agitated after a hard day’s work and endless stream of problems you just need a few minutes throwing punches at a bag to get rid of that aggression. After punching, you may feel better and relaxed. You can build confidence along the way. The more you train, the more skills you get and this will make you feel better about yourself. By regularly punching a bag, you can develop your body, more toned and strong. This can improve your self-esteem.


Factors to consider while choosing a punching bag for you

Punching bags can improve your physical condition. They are fun to use but before you use them you need to buy one. But it is not that easy to buy a punching bag as it seems; some research is needed before buying one that is best suited for you. You need to look into several factors before purchasing one. Here are some important features that will help you in making a best buy.

Step 1 : Make sure you have enough space at home to move around and throw kicks and punches without hitting the walls or knocking down the surrounding objects. A square area of 100 ft would be enough.

Step 2 : Next thing to consider is weight of the punching bag. A word of caution: A punching bag that weighs less than you will give you a more effective training. Weight of the bag determines resistance, but if it is too heavy, you will find it difficult to train with it.

Step3 : A bag material is also considered an important factor when making a purchase. Material is of course different in the inside and on the outside. On the outside, there is a canvas cover, that’s why you must wear gloves to prevent injuries. On the inside, the material is often hay or cotton.

Step 4 : You should try the bag before buying it. You should buy one you are comfortable with.

Different types of punching bags are Speed bags, Focus bags, Maize bags and heavy bag etc. Punching bags can improve your physical and mental health.

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