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Speedbags and Platforms

Boxing as we know it is one among the toughest sport you could ever come across. It demands a lot from every professional in terms of both physical as well as mental aspects. You ought to be efficient trained in order to compete as a professional. And on this note, speedbags and its associated platforms are very important and critical training accessories when it comes to boxing accessories. It helps professional boxers to build on their agility, punching combinations, stamina and overall fitness. It is highly imperative that the boxing gear that you purchase is of the highest quality so that you may get trained efficiently, especially when it comes to speedbags. is one such boxing store that merchandises high end boxing accessories and products. You can find 24 varieties of speedbags and platforms available in our store at very affordable and nominal prices. Adjustable strap, air pump, adjustable speedbag stand etc, you name it, you've got it. is a versatile and comprehensive online boxing equipment store where best deals are made just for you.

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Air Pump
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Replacement Bungee Cords
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Economy Unadjustable Speedbag Platform 24"
$65.00 - (Free Shipping)
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Pro Style Speedbag Platform
$78.00 - (Free Shipping)
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Amber Sports Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Stand
$236.00 - (Free Shipping)
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Heavyduty Speedbag Stand
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Invincible Commercial Grade Heavyduty Speedbag Stand
$500.00 - (Free Shipping)
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