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Free Standing Bags

Another variety of the punching bags that are predominantly used in training sessions for professional boxers is the Free Standing Bags. These bags are usually suspended onto hooks and other similar accessories. However, you also have other varieties of free standing bags that are placed onto the ground instead of being suspended. The professional boxer works on his strength and punching power while working out with these bags. He also employs his punching techniques/strategies and other combinations to enhance his skill sets and overall performance. Working out with punching bags and other related standing bags are great for cardio workout. Hence, these boxing accessories are also used in gyms, fitness centers and other similar centers where people make use of these equipments for improving their cardio levels. is the versatile and comprehensive boxing gear store that you have been seeking all this while. We have more than 9 varieties of Free Standing Bags for you to choose from. All of our products are of the highest quality and are priced at very nominal and affordable rates just for your convenience.

Amber Heavybag Stand with Adjustable Speedbag Platform Set
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Boxing Reflex Bag
$80.00 - (Free Shipping)
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Free Standing Heavybag Medium
$225.00 - (Free Shipping)
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Freestandking Heavybag Torso
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Freestandking Kickstand
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Invincible Commercial Grade Professional Heavy Bag Stand
$800.00 - (Free Shipping)
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Invincible Commercial Grade Professional Heavy Bag Stand with Ad
$1,200.00 - (Free Shipping)
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The Champ Heavybag Stand
$104.00 - (Free Shipping)
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The Champ Heavybag Stand Set
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The Champ Heavybag Stand with Speedbag Stand
$200.00 - (Free Shipping)
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