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MMA Gloves – An overview







    Craze for mixed martial arts (MMA) gloves hit the market after UFC made a big splash in “The ultimate Fighter Season 1”. Once people started entering mixed martial arts schools in droves and programs started cropping up all over, every martial arts supplier or manufacturer started their own version of mixed martial arts (MMA) sparring gear. MMA gloves that you find in stores are of very poor quality so buy from an online store like


    MMA gloves are not as padded as boxing gloves. Make sure your glove has plenty of padding but not that bulky you can’t perform your follow up grappling techniques. One way to find out whether your MMA gloves is well designed is that padding is incorporated on the sides of the glove so you can work the ground and pound hammer fist strikes.

    Design style

    Based on your fighting goal you can select from a number of MMA glove styles. The main two styles are open palm fighting style or training gloves that usually incorporate a thumb guard.

    Grade and Material

    If you’re planning to compete you have to find out the regulations from the organizers. But open palm style gloves that are fingerless will be the likely style. Some may also ask for a grade or weight which is usually 4 oz to 6 oz.


    There are two types of MMA gloves:

    MMA training/Sparring gloves (more padding over the knuckles)

MMA Boxing Gloves sells wide range of MMA training gloves that can benefit students. While buying a MMA training glove, make sure it is well padded. Many people think that Boxing gloves and MMA training gloves are one and the same. But in reality, both are different. The main difference being MMA training gloves are fingerless and open palm. MMA training gloves are a must have for sparring, pad work and bag work. MMA sparring gloves have a bit more padding than fight gloves, to allow for sustained sparring with as little injury as possible.

    MMA Fight gloves (lighter and thinner)

MMA Grambling Gloves

    These gloves are meant for MMA fighters, but one thing is that they have less padding than sparring gloves. Fight gloves are designed for real competition. MMA fight gloves are designed to protect the user first and their opponent second.


Choosing MMA gloves:


    While choosing a MMA glove, check whether it is man-made or synthetic or simulated cowhide materials, skip them. These types of materials will leave nasty scrapes and cuts, even during light sparring. Unlike leather, synthetic materials will harden over time and increase the risk of injury. So always buy gloves that are made up of 100% soft cowhide or calfskin leather. It’s durable and tends to soften over time.

    Wrist straps:

    Find out whether the wrist straps cover any Velcro on the glove. The strap should wrap completely over the Velcro and secure snugly while covering the Velcro material.

    Tip: Look for gloves that have the soft side of the Velcro on the wrist and the abrasive side on the strap.

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