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Heavy Bag, Speed Bag And Training Techniques

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Heavy Bag, Speed Bag And Training Techniques

heavy bag

Training is the most important thing in any form of martial arts. Training is never complete without proper training equipments and safety accessories. Especially when it comes to boxing, safety equipments and training equipments play an important role in training for a boxing player. When a boxing player is trained he is taught to do a lot of exercises with the heavy bags as well as speed bags. Let’s see in detail about these two boxing equipments.

Speed bags are definitely one of the important boxing training equipments that are used by all boxers during their training sessions. You might have noticed stars doing rigorous workouts with these speed bags in many of boxing related movies like Sylvester Stallone’s Blockbuster Series ‘Rocky’. These speed bags are small used to train the player to develop a rhythmic punching style. Speeds bags are small air filled punching bags which are held with a platform which is fixed anywhere easy to get to and free to throw the punches.

Speed bag

The main uses of these small punching bags is that they are used to improve the reflex and speed along with the hand-eye coordination- Which is one of the most important qualities that a boxer needs to work on. These speed bags are also know as speed balls and speed ball bags. One of the main drills that are practiced with speed bags is give 100 continuous punches with both the hands without messing or missing it. If the players miss it, they will have to start it all once again. The next important speed bag drill is the ladder up or the pyramid. Before you throw the next punch with one hand you will have to throw two punches with the first then you will have to throw three punches with the other before you punch with the next hand. This drill goes until you finish 10 punches in both the hands.

Heavy Bags are the ones that are use to teach the boxers where to punch and how hard to punch. Young players are normally restricted from punching the heavy bags powerfully as there is a lot of risk involved in it. Young players bones might be still developing and strong punches are not recommend for them. When grownup players use heavy bags for powerful punches they are strictly advised to use proper hand wraps as well as appropriate punch bag gloves. When you want to get trained with a heavy bag the first thing you will have to do is to select the right type of heavy bag. A heavy bag which is too heavy will lead to bone or muscle damage, bags that are too light will swing too much and won’t give the right control to your wrist. Heavy bag work out are as simple as speed bag workouts, the movement and punching techniques can be learnt from your trainer and adapt a style for yourself.

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