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HandwrapsIt is basically a strip of cloth which is placed beneath the boxing gloves to protect the wrist and hands while competing and training. It also protects our knuckles and wrists. They are available in various styles such as aerobic, gel, tape, gauze, Mexican hand wrap and gauze etc.

Since variety is the spice of life there are new designs and models available in the market for all those sportsmen who want to look cool. Mexican style elastic wraps have become very popular now because of the increased support it gives to the hands. It is available in Mexican flag colors and in white, black, red, yellow and blue.

Power gel hand wraps come in unique slip and a thick layer of gel padding that provides the same kind of protection as the conventional ones and their main advantage is that they can be washed unlike the other wraps. It is available only in black colour.

The next most stylish boxing accessories are gel hand wraps which have additional features of gel and elasticity with extra protection and comfort. These wraps are available in the market in the form of neoprene hand wraps which are in two colours, blue and black.

Gauze is actually a thin transparent material with an open weave. It is made up of both synthetic fiber and silk. It is a boxing accessory because it protects the boxer’s hands against injury and it is also used as medicine to wounds.

In the game of boxing, the boxer is likely to get hurt or wounded. Under such circumstances, gauze which is also a boxing accessory helps to cure the wounds and give comfort to the boxer. It is available in different sizes ranging from 1 roll to 50 roll. Boxers may use these hand accessories to attract the viewers and stay stylish.

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