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A single blow to your fist is more than enough to fracture it severely, in a game of boxing. Of course, high quality boxing gloves is quite essential from protecting you from such kind of blows. But no matter how high the quality of your boxing gloves is, they are still not comprehensive enough to protect your fists appropriately. That is exactly why most professional boxers make use of tapes which gives them appropriate imperative protection. And these tapes are not to be used just for professional boxing games. They are also a must for your training sessions. The last thing anyone would want is for your hand to get injured during training sessions. merchandises these highly resourceful tapes in 3 varieties priced between 1$ to 30$ which is certainly quite affordable.

Trainers Tape 2" Trainers Tape 2" $1.80
Trainers Tape (1" - 15 Pieces) Trainers Tape (1" - 15 Pieces) $30.00
Trainers Tape (1" - 1 Piece) Trainers Tape (1" - 1 Piece) $3.00

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