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When you think about boxing, first thing that strikes your mind is boxing equipments like gloves, handwraps, headgear and mouth guards.But boxers forget about boxing shoes. Those lightweight shoes may create lot of difference between winning and losing the big match.

When you buy a pair of boxing shoes, make sure it is lightweight, highly ventilated and protects your feet from sweating and provides ankle support. If the shoe doesn't grip very well, you could slip and drop your guard which is never a good move, well that is unless you like being knocked out.

Here are a few tips that will help you in buying best quality boxing shoes.

Kick Boxing ShoesStep 1:

First you should find out what type of boxing shoes you need. Shoes are available in 2 main styles. High tops and low tops. High tops are used by kick boxers as it provides good ankle support. Low tops are used for regular boxing as well as training and working out. Low tops provide ankle support which allows you to maintain agility and movement.

Step 2:

Next you should find shoes that fit you correctly. You can go to a store and try them. You can never buy a pair without trying out. You can even narrow down the selection farther that you can afford. Otherwise, you can buy boxing shoes online. There are many online stores that will help you get your type of shoes and that can fit you properly.

Step 3:

Next thing is to find out lightest pair of shoes. Good quality boxing shoes will be made out of a tough but light weight material. Most of them are made with a combination of suede and leather. If they feel heavy, then forget about them. Make sure that you choose a pair which is easy to breathe.

Step 4:

Select shoes that have good rubber grip. They should have an obvious looking no-slip pattern on the bottom.

Step 5:

Another important thing to consider while selecting shoes is safety. You should consider shock absorption and support straps. Many shoes have a shock absorbing mid-sole to take some of the shock away from your joints and to provide some added comfort. Some of the more advanced boxing shoes will have support straps near the arch of your foot to help the shoe conform the shape of your foot.

Step 6:

Leather looks good but make sure it is well padded.

Other than that black, white, gold, silver, special designs, high top vs. low top, it’s totally up to you. Be safe, comfortable, slip free, be great. It is important that you choose boxing shoes that are comfortable to wear and easy to use.

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