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Boxing Shoes for good foot work

If you really want to succeed in boxing the way fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard and Roy Jones Jr. had done, please understand you need excellent footwork. These men were tremendously agile and could move forward, backward, and side-to-side quickly with extraordinary rapidity and that was the secret to their success in the boxing rings.

Quick footedness comes naturally to some boxers and others assiduously cultivate it over a period of time. In either case, a pair of good quality light weight boxing shoes can be a great help. A boxer can develop great footwork while boxing if he wears the perfect pair of boxing shoes. Further, the right type of boxing shoes enables a boxer to have protection in the calf & ankle areas. Wearing boxing shoes reduces the risk of injuries as also unintentional or deliberate stepping on feet.

Boxing shoes

The boxing shoes must fit the boxer absolutely perfectly and only then he can concentrate on his punches. Maintaining balance is critically important in boxing and if the boxer loses his balance inside the ring then it will seriously affect his performance and may as well cost him the match.

Please remember that when you enter the ring for boxing you have to be fast on your feet, your feet must work perfect and you should maintain your balance and keep standing even when dodging the blows from your opponent. All these are only possible if you have proper boxing shoes.

Boxing shoes are made by different manufacturers and come with different brand names. Do not be unduly carried away by the style, color or design of the boxing shoes. It is found that in many cases the aesthetic looking boxing shoes seldom provide any boxing advantage. Make sure that the boxing shoes you select are truly comfortable to wear while boxing and the zippers and strap are not annoying.

Generally, boxing shoes are made of leather or suede – but make sure they are of light weight breathable material so that they do not become heavy with sweat. Maneuverability is an important factor when choosing the boxing shoes and for this, the shoes should have non-slip rubber outsoles with effective treading so that they do not get stuck to the mat. You can choose between low or high top shoes as per your convenience and personal preference.

The boxing shoes are available in different prices range and you can buy the one that suits your budget. But do not opt for the cheapest and compromise on quality. A good pair is essential for your performance and is therefore worth the investment. A small amount of extra money will not make much difference if you want to go for a good quality lasting boxing shoes. If you are not serious about pursuing boxing as a career, then you can opt for cheaper variety.

If you are new to the world of boxing, you can easily be misled into buying some inferior quality boxing shoes. It is important that you buy the boxing shoes from a reliable and reputed vendor. For instance, Pro Boxing Gears market high quality protective accessories including boxing gloves, boxing apparels, hand wraps, punching bags and you can visit: for further details.

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