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How to make best use of boxing mitts






     If you are a novice in boxing, it is sure that you would find your neck stiff and sore soon after the boxing sessions. It is quite natural to suffer the stiffening pain in the beginning. This may be because you are not holding the boxing mitts or boxing focus mitts in the right way. During boxing, your opponent would put in the entire force and punch you hard aiming to hit the boxing mitt and in the centre. Unless you position the boxing focus mitts properly, it would be very hard to protect your own body from the power of punch.

Boxing Mitts


    Before you kick start a boxing match, make sure that your partner is practicing their boxing technique correct and is wearing correct boxing gloves. An unexpected punch can really damage your own body. Ensure that they don’t let fly with a punch on you. Next important thing is to see if you are standing with your boxing mitts up and in front of your body. All the force of the punch gets taken in your arm and shoulder if you have them out to the side of your body. On the other hand, if you keep the boxing mitts in front and maintain your elbows down beside you, then you are saved as the force is taken by your body, not your shoulder. By practicing this, you can avoid the risks of shoulder and arm injuries.

    There are some more things that you must pay attention to. Maintaining a proper position of the shoulders is really important. Remember to keep your shoulders down and relaxed. This would prevent the force from the punch travelling up into your neck. It is important to give with the punch when you are taking the punch into the boxing focus mitt. In this way, the chances of you getting injured would be diminished since the force would be absorbed in the boxing mitt. If you practice this technique properly, then it would be easy to box with a partner without damages to yourself. For ensuring 100% safety, make sure to pick superior quality boxing accessories like mitts etc.

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