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Boxing hand wraps can enhance your boxing game

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A boxer should protect his hands from injury when he is in the ring. To protect his hands from injury he should wear hand wraps before wearing boxing gloves. Wrapping hands before putting the gloves can extend the lifespan of a boxer’s hands for years.

Tips for hand wraps can enhance in your boxing game

  • Hand wraps will not only protect a boxer’s bones and tendons but also wrist. They should be worn tightly around the hands for adequate support. Wraps should be tight but not so tight that it cause pain or restrict circulation.
  • When your hand wraps are not in use, roll them so that they do not get wrinkled. Wash them after each use. They may get wrinkled when they come out of wash, but wearing them will smooth those wrinkles out. Hang them up to dry before rolling them up after they are washed. If you are boxing regularly it would be better if you buy several sets of hand wraps.
  • Boxers who have small hands can buy hand wraps that are about 120 inches long. Boxers with large hands can go in for 170 inches hand wraps. If your wraps are too small, your bones and tendons may not get adequate protection due to lack of padding.

Types of hand wraps:

Various types of hand wraps are available which are used in boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts and sometimes in traditional martial arts:

  • Mexican style
  • Boxing Gel wraps
  • Gauze
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Mexican style hand wraps are made up of elastic. Due to its elasticity, a boxer can easily apply hand wraps and gauze easily without anybody’s help. Many professional boxers wear Mexican style hand wraps for heavy bag workouts. This style is slightly more expensive than traditional cotton wraps, but many give importance to comfort than price. Gel wrap gloves are used by mixed martial artists. Gel wraps or MMA gloves can be worn during light sparring sessions. It is important to wear hand wraps while boxing on punching bags to protect their hands from punching.

Length should be given utmost importance while selecting a wrap. Classic styles wrap ranges from 150-170 inches. Mexican style is available between 180-200 inches. Many competitors use gauze or medical tape as wrap. Nowadays elastic wraps are becoming popular. This type is mostly used by professionals.

Clean your hand wraps:

  • fighting removing your hand wraps from hands and wrists and place them in washing machine and add laundry detergent. Turn on the washing machine.
  • After the washing machine has finished its work, it’s time to dry them.
  • Don’t use dryer for drying your hand wraps as it can get twisted and unusable. Allow it to air dry.
  • Purchase a special nylon bag or hand wrap wash bag if air-drying is not an option.
  • Hand wraps can protect a boxer’s hand from getting injured.

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