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White Collar Boxers

In ""white collar"" boxing boxers are risking damage or death; boxing experts have warned people practicing it. Gloves are standard in the white collar boxing ring in order to defend participants from heavy blows and hand damage. White collar boxing has been labeled ""the new golf"". In this boxing renewal, mens of age forties and fifties whose brains are at great risk of hemorrhage - are stepping into the ring. White Collar Boxing is a type of boxing where men and women in white collar occupations are guided to fight at special events. Most of them have no knowledge of boxing.

Weight Class

Weight Class

Weight classes are divisions of contest used to match participants in opposition to others of their own size. This reduces the exclusion of smaller athletes in sports where physical size gives an important benefit. Weight classes are used in a various sports, especially Combat sports. The survival of weight divisions has given rise to the practice of weight cutting. It is usually measured a benefit to be the largest individual in a weight division; therefore some athletes will work tough to lose weight through dieting.

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