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Unanimous Decision (UD)

Unanimous Decision (UD)

A unanimous decision, arises when all judge score in favor of one boxer. This is generally done by three or two judges, and the referee. Winning by points and no knockout has occurred makes trouble in taking a unanimous decision over his challenger.

Upper Cut

Upper Cut

It is a punch used in boxing aimed at opponents chin. It is useful thrown when the opponent is closer because the punch at close range will pain more. In the ring an uppercut, the attacker should stay close to the aim, so as to prevent the opponent from noticing that the punch is coming, and opposing with a straight punch. Samuel Elias, also known as "Dutch Sam", is certified with creation of this punch initially called as "undercut". Boxers who are famous for their uppercuts are Joe Louis, Wilfredo GAmez, Buster Douglas, Mike Tyson, Ruben Olivares, and Manny Pacquiao.

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