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Technical Decision (TD)

The term is used in boxing to stop a fight because of head butt. Only referee can make this decision, he must watch the match very keenly if the boxers are fighting very closely because he must decide whether the cut was caused by a blow or head collision. This is generally done unintentionally when both are trying for a bang down. If cut was done intentionally will be considered as foul. Case among world famous Daniel Santos and Antonio Margarito their fights ended in technical decisions, rare case in boxing.

Technical Knockout (TKO)

Technical Knockout (TKO)

A boxing comes to an end in a knockout when a fighter is knocked down and not in a position to get up before count of 10. In this case a fight can be stopped by a technical knockout when a boxer is judged by the referee that he is unable to protect himself properly, when a boxer is considered to have been injured, or his seconds decide he should not continue A technical knockout can also be announced if a fighter is ahead by 15 points in a boxing.

Tomato Can

"Tomato can" is a phrase for a boxer with poor or does not have much knowledge may be considered an easy challenger to beat, or a "guaranteed win." Fights with "tomato cans" can be set to blow up the win total of a skilled fighter. It is usually a fighter with a poor record, whose skills are inferior or who lacks stiffness or has a "glass chin." One feature which is taken in account for the use of the "tomato can" image for a bad boxer is the propensity to leak "tomato juice" (i.e. blood) when beaten-up.

Ten (10) - point must system

The 10-point must system is a technique of scoring a fighting match .Under the system, the jury must give the champion of a round 10 points, and the loser 9 points. A bang down generally results in a score of eight (8) for the boxer who was banged down, and ten (10) for his or her challenger (provided, of course, the banged-down boxer gets up earlier than the finish of the count ). An umpire may occasionally reward a 10 - 8 score if the rounds champion is visibly dominating the other fighter. If the fight progress through all programmed rounds, the amount of the scores for each round are tallied for each umpire to decide the champion of the match.

If not capable to continue the fight previous to that number of rounds has been fought, the fight is lined a "no contest." If a fighter loses points by placing fouls this may affect in awarding an equivalent number of points to each fighter, even with an odd number of rounds and an odd number of jury, draws is probable. Each foul generally costs one point, and is dogged by the referee.

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