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Reflex bag

Reflex bag

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It is used to boxers to speed up reflexes and to expand short, accurate punches. It also helps a boxer learn defense.

Rabbit punch

A punch delivered by a boxer to the rear of the neck of his opponent. It is prohibited to use because of the potential for severe injury it can cause. It is derived from the blow used by a rabbit hunter to kill the animal.

Rubber Match

Rubber Match

In boxing rubber match is the third match between the boxers after the first two matches have been divide and are greatly expected and often have an advanced purse than the previous two fights. The famous rubber match was between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. The term was emerging to know the best of three matches. In mixed martial arts, well known rubber matches are Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture, Vitor Belfort vs. Randy Couture and Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre.

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