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Fly weight also known as Paperweight,maximum weight for this division is 112 pounds (50.8 kg or 8 stone),flyweight division was introduced in 1909 by Londons National Sporting Club (NSC) to cover all weights up to 112 pounds (50.8 kg or 8 stone). In 1910, English boxing establishment followed suit and set the weight limit as 108 pounds (49 kg or 7 stone 10 pounds). New York’s Walker Law next recognized the weight class in 1920 as 112 pounds. United States boxing commissions, the National Boxing Association (NBA) and the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC), recognized this weight class in 1927.


Beating a challenger below the navel or behind the ear; beating a challenger who is knocked down; holding the opponent with one hand and hitting him with the other hand, wresting and kicking is not allowed, pushing the challenger in to the ropes, hitting with knee, shoulder, elbow, falling down purposely without being hit, using abusive languages, hitting the opponent during the interval, intentionally spitting out the mouth piece, step up on the opponent, curve second shouting, not following umpires instruction, poking the eyes with the thumb, Striking intentionally at that part of the body above the kidneys are some the fouls which are counted during a fight.

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