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Drawing (boxing)

Drawing (boxing)

A draw is a faked opportunity left for your opponent to punch at, so that when he punches he will leave an chance at which you can counter.

Double-end bag

Double-end bag

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Used by boxers to speed up reflexes and to enlarge short, exact punches. It also helps a boxer learn defense.

Down for the Count

If a boxer is down for the count, he have lost the fight, or a boxer has been knocked out the umpire will count ten seconds, the time fixed for the boxer to get back on his feet or lose the fight. It may imply a short-term setback, as down does not essentially mean out.

Dirty Fighting

"Dirty Fighting" works more than different forms of self defense what we learn. We need not waste a lot of time for training. It requires not as much of strength as structured self-defense systems. There are no permanent methods of how a method should or should not be done. Its principle is to teach you to defend yourself by attacking your rival using trickery and shock accompanied by a handful of highly effectual and alternative fighting techniques necessitate a nominal amount of strength. Generally the most excellent way to get away of an inescapable fight is to hurt the leader.

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