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Cruiserweight is a weight class in boxing between light heavyweight and heavyweight. Before the commencement of the current cruiserweight class, "light heavyweight" and "cruiserweight" were sometimes used interchangeably in Great Britain.The maximum weight for this division is 200 pounds (90.9 kg or 14 stone 4 lbs).The title was originally contested at a maximum weight of 190 pounds, but did drift for a while up to 195 pounds. In 2003 the current limit was established.



A counter-attack begun right away after an opponent throws a punch, exploiting the chance in the opponents position.

Catch Weight

Each boxing division has its own boxing division with the omission of heavyweight has its own limits for weight classes, which varies from 105 pounds for minimum weight to 200 pounds for cruiserweight .To fight for a championship the fighter must attend the weight classes to fight at or below said weight. In certain cases an agreement for a fight will specify that the two fighters come into the fight at another boundary. Often, this boundary will be at an average between two weight classes. It can also refer to participants coming in at any weight, with no contestant weight restrictions; this practice is also recognized as open weight.


In boxing, a cross is commonly termed as "straight or right". It is punches as similar to Uppercut and hook. A computerized punch scoring system, named as Compubox count up the cross as a power-punch. It is a blow generally thrown with the dominant hand and immediately the challenger leads with his opposite hand. The blow crosses over the foremost arm. In this weight is also transferred from back foot to the front foot. Sudden weight transfer gives the cross its power. It can also be use to counterpunch a jab, at an aim to punch the opponent’s head or to set up a hook

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