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American kickboxing

American Kickboxing,its also known as Full-Contact Rules Kickboxing is a combat sport and a style of Kickboxing in which two opponents of related weight fight each other using full contact strikes with their fists and feet to assault the opponent, while maintenance related rules of Western Boxing. Full-Contact Kickboxing competitions are commonly distinguished because of the dress of the fighters, there is mandatory over wearing long pants and foot-pads.

Although the term "Full-Contact Karate" has been used to refer this sport, it should not be mystified with the generic term Full contact Karate, which refers to any traditional karate school with the use of full contact sparring, like Kyokushinkai.

Alphabet soup

Alphabet soup refers to the abbreviations of the various sanctioning bodies that have proliferated since the 1980s, and their handing out of what many boxing aficianados regard as "cheap" world titles.

Once upon a time there were only eight weight divisions, with only one champion per division. A contender became the world champion only by beating the then-World Champion, or by beating other contenders in an eradication tournament for a vacant world title. In those days there were only a handful of world sanctioning bodies,including the National Boxing Association, New York State Athletic Commission, International Boxing Union, British Boxing Board of Control, and a few others.



The International Boxing Association, initially the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur and still referred to as the AIBA is a sport association that authorizes amateur boxing matches and honors world and subordinate championships. Representatives from the nationwide associations of England, France, Belgium, Brazil and the Netherlands met in a preliminary association for the foundation of an international boxing federation: The Federation Internationale de Boxe Amateur (FIBA). The official establishment has been celebrated on the 24th of August. Exactly after, international competitions emerged in the boxing ring, allowing part-times to fight in well-known tournament. The International Boxing Association works in order to make sure success for preferential athletes at the outlay of a fair competition.

Association of Boxing Commissions

The Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) is a North American not for profit professional boxing association that offers a framework for responsibility boxing session and record maintenance. It consists of members from state and ancestral boxing commissions from the United States and Canada. In 1980s the organization was formed. When a number of supervisory directors of different boxing commissions met to converse how boxing was handle in their authorities. There aim was to promote consistent health and safety principles in boxing, offer correct records for boxers, issue medical and training information and instruction for all boxing associated professionals, set up and run a helpful foundation to aid needy boxers, and support devotion, and enforcement of applicable national laws by each member of the ABC.

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