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Popular boxing terms and phrases.

Ten (10) - point must system

The 10-point must system is a technique of scoring a fighting match .Under the system, the jury must give the champion of a round 10 points, and the loser 9 points. A bang down generally results in a score of eight (8) for the boxer who was banged down, and ten (10) for his or her challenger (provided, of course, the banged-down boxer gets up earlier than the finish of the count ). An umpire may occasionally reward a 10 - 8 score if the rounds champion is visibly dominating the other fighter. If the fight progress through all programmed rounds, the amount of the scores for each round are tallied for each umpire to decide the champion of the match.

If not capable to continue the fight previous to that number of rounds has been fought, the fight is lined a "no contest." If a fighter loses points by placing fouls this may affect in awarding an equivalent number of points to each fighter, even with an odd number of rounds and an odd number of jury, draws is probable. Each foul generally costs one point, and is dogged by the referee.

Knock Down Eight Count

Standing eight counts is also referred as protection count. It is the maximum count an umpire can give to a boxer who is back on his feet after supporting a knockdown. This count permits the umpire to judge whether the boxer can carry on fighting or not. Various authorities require that a boxer receive an obligatory "standing eight-count" once being knocked down. Some commission permits to utilize standing eight-count when a boxer takes unnecessary penalty and emerge on the verge of going down but does not really go down. It is also considered same as the knockdown in boxing.



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HeadgearHeadgear, headwear is the name specified to any aspect of clothing which is worn on ones head. It can be served for various aspects such as protection, to keep hair tidy, for decoration or fashion, religious purposes, medical purpose, modesty; social gathering disguising hair loss distinction; an ornament of office. There are different variety of headgear are available namely helmets, hoods, caps, mask, hats, bonnets, turban, wigs, crown and many more to list down. It is mainly used for the protection of eye and head and as a piece of fashion. It is also worn for religious practices as it is said head should be covered in front of god.

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves

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Boxing gloves are cushioned to defend the athlete against the increasingly heavier focuses of striking other punching bags,these are the gloves most recommended by trainers for all boxing training, especially for non-sparrers. Sparring gloves are designed to guard both athletes during practice bouts. Professional fight gloves are also designed to protect both fighters, but are generally less padded. Sparring gloves may range from 14 oz to 20 oz, while bag gloves, amateur and professional fight gloves range from 8 to 10 ounces.Small, padded boxing gloves used when hitting a speed bag or heavy bag. The speed bag version usually does not contain padding.

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