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Popular boxing terms and phrases.

Knock Down Eight Count

Standing eight counts is also referred as protection count. It is the maximum count an umpire can give to a boxer who is back on his feet after supporting a knockdown. This count permits the umpire to judge whether the boxer can carry on fighting or not. Various authorities require that a boxer receive an obligatory "standing eight-count" once being knocked down. Some commission permits to utilize standing eight-count when a boxer takes unnecessary penalty and emerge on the verge of going down but does not really go down. It is also considered same as the knockdown in boxing.



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HeadgearHeadgear, headwear is the name specified to any aspect of clothing which is worn on one's head. It can be served for various aspects such as protection, to keep hair tidy, for decoration or fashion, religious purposes, medical purpose, modesty; social gathering disguising hair loss distinction; an ornament of office. There are different variety of headgear are available namely helmets, hoods, caps, mask, hats, bonnets, turban, wigs, crown and many more to list down. It is mainly used for the protection of eye and head and as a piece of fashion. It is also worn for religious practices as it is said head should be covered in front of god.

Speed bags

Speed bags

Speed bags are small, air-filled bags anchored at the top to bounce back platform parallel to the ground. It helps a fighter can learn to keep his hands up, recover hand-eye coordination and learn to shift weight between feet when punching.



The maximum weight for this division is unlimited (200+ lbs, 90.9+ kg, 14 stone 4 lbs+),one of the traditional eight divisions.

The Heavyweight division has its roots back as far as the 1720s with James Figg, but it was only with Jem Mace that the term "Heavy weight" became rampant. By the 1870s it almost certainly covered all weights above 160/166 pounds.

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