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Popular boxing terms and phrases.

Knock Down Eight Count

Standing eight counts is also referred as protection count. It is the maximum count an umpire can give to a boxer who is back on his feet after supporting a knockdown. This count permits the umpire to judge whether the boxer can carry on fighting or not. Various authorities require that a boxer receive an obligatory "standing eight-count" once being knocked down. Some commission permits to utilize standing eight-count when a boxer takes unnecessary penalty and emerge on the verge of going down but does not really go down. It is also considered same as the knockdown in boxing.

Boxing shoe

Boxing shoe

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A shoe is an item of footwear evolved at first to protect the human foot and later, in addition, as an item of adornment in itself. The foot contains more bones than any other single part of the body, and has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years in relation to immensely varied terrain and climatic conditions. Together with the proprioceptive system, it is what makes possible balance and ambulation,here Boxing shoe is High-topped,rubber-soled shoes designed to prevent the boxer from twisting or turning his ankle while fighting.

Punching bag

Punching bag

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A punching bag is a sturdy bag designed to be repetitively punched, for use in physical exercise or stress relief in order to improve one of three areas: physical strength, aerobic fitness, or punching technique.Punching bag have been used in martial arts and swordplay for as long as there has been a written history of military training. Similar apparatus in Asian martial arts include the kinawan makiwara and the Chinese mook jong, which may have padded striking surfaces attached to them.

In martial arts and combat sports such as Karate, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai, Heavy bag, standing bags, and similar apparatuses have been adapted for practicing kicking and other striking maneuvers in addition to developing punching technique.


Beating a challenger below the navel or behind the ear; beating a challenger who is knocked down; holding the opponent with one hand and hitting him with the other hand, wresting and kicking is not allowed, pushing the challenger in to the ropes, hitting with knee, shoulder, elbow, falling down purposely without being hit, using abusive languages, hitting the opponent during the interval, intentionally spitting out the mouth piece, step up on the opponent, curve second shouting, not following umpires instruction, poking the eyes with the thumb, Striking intentionally at that part of the body above the kidneys are some the fouls which are counted during a fight.

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