Wadi Camacho’s Bite Fight Ended In Debar

With a stiff and heated competition, it comes as no surprise that professional sportspersons can sometimes be on the warpath. We’ve seen this happen quite a few times now, but at times the competition doesn’t merely take a turn for the worse. In certain cases, the competition takes a turn for the childish and that’s when players end up with bite marks.

Wadi Camacho’s bite fight ended in debar

After Luis Suarez’s latest biting incident on the pitch, in the sport of boxing it is Wadi Camacho. In the pantheon of all-time sporting biters, perhaps there are several interesting stories in the history of boxing. Seeing that, he is not the first wrestler to have a nibble, nevertheless the “bite fight” ended up in disentitlement of Wadi Camacho.

Towards the end of the second round of his clash with invincible Craig Kennedy; the cruiserweight prizefighter champion was disqualified.

With fan’s soaring expectations and hopes of victory for their desired pugilist, all went short when Camacho bit off a chunk of Kennedy’s skin. This unsporting behavior prompted referee Martin Williams to step in right away. Having said that, this action of Camacho has not only cost him the match, but has also put him in a bad light!

In the wake of the argument, Camacho protested his innocence, even though on second screening, may have been blameworthy of a rush of blood to the head.

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Exclusive Punch Bag For The Fashionable Fighter

Have you ever spent £69,000 on a punch bag? Karl Lagerfeld has designed luxury leather boxing range for the stylish fighter!

Exclusive punch bag for the fashionable fighter

This is an exclusive boxing set for Louis Vuitton. Not an easy to make one, it takes 12 months to build one.

It comes along with a pair of gloves; however, it would come with an additional cost of £4,000. This custom made bag includes a punch bag enclosed in a trunk costs £69,000

Having said that, there is a warning of a high price tag as well and that is, the words Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld used in one sentence packs a particularly pricey punch.
In order to produce such luxury boxing equipment range, the German designer has teamed up with the French fashion house.

Following are the list of items that the collection includes:
• Set of gloves
• Gym bag
• Custom-made leather trunk with a punch bag tucked inside.

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, it prides you on an aged cowhide leather trim with golden-brass hardware and consists of four inside compartments and two zipped pockets.

The best part about the bag is that is serves for dual purpose, apart from using it as a punch bag, the trunk can be used as a travel closet.

The set includes:
• A monogrammed mat
• Pair of boxing gloves

In addition, it also includes a pair of leather boxing gloves worth almost £5000

This luxury sportswear isn’t the first attempt by Karl; previously he has created surfboards, skis and dumbbells. In view of the fact that, there are only 25 in production currently, you got to hurry if you need one.

Having created havoc in the sporting world, this product has provoked outrage. The former world champion Ricky Hatton has shown his condemnation of the higher-priced product on twitter.

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Boxers to go on road show and meet the public at Southgate

Boxers to take up an on road show this weekend…

The unusual step of selling a tournament by taking boxers on a road show is going to take place this weekend, this initiative is taken by promoter Jeff Ellis.

Boxers Hekkie Budler, Ryno Liebenberg, Kevin Lerena, Malcolm Klassen, Ashley Dlamini and Duran Ray are to meet up the public at Southgate Mall in Johannesburg. By this means, Ellis says that he is trying to popularize the sport which has lost support.


“With so many road shows happening, this is the first of the many that we will do,” Ellis said. We want the public to be acquainted with the boxers. With so many activities planned, the general public will meet these boxers in person. Having said that, they will be involved in quite a few activities which include pad work together with a skipping rope competition! Winners of these activities will get double tickets for Golden Gloves’ box-and-dine tournament at Emperors Palace on September 29.”

In that contest — backed by Chesa Nyama — Lerena will host Gogita Gorgiladze from Georgia for the unoccupied World Boxing Council (WBC) Youth junior heavyweight title and Klassen will meet Justin Savi from Benin in a nontitle 10-rounder in the junior lightweight class.

In the junior lightweight division, Dlamini and Sydney Maluleka will be in action, on the other hand, duran ray, son of retired heavyweight fighter Basil will make his debut not in favor of Onke Duku.

Invincible in 10 fights, Lerena, 22 will face Gorgiladze who was trodden Ilunga Makabu in four rounds for the International Boxing Federation’s youth cruiserweight title last year. Since that defeat, Gorgiladze has fought 12 times and won seven fights. With that said, he has also won 19 wins against six losses.

In the meantime Klassen – the adroit fighter from Toekomsrus on the West Rand, has not seen battle given that last year of May, when he lost to Will Tomlinson for the International Boxing Organization strap in Australia. While Klassen has 27 wins from 35 fights and Savi, the ex- WBC silver featherweight champion, has 26 victories from 28 bouts.

It is the former world champion Brian Mitchell, who will host the event this Saturday. Apart from this, the event will also be used as a send-off for Budler and Liebenberg.

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Boxer “Jerome Wilson” badly hurt take up life-saving brain operation


Jerome Wilson- in critical condition even after the surgery… 

Having suffered a head injury during his pugilism with Serge Ambomo, the British boxer is in a critical condition. The 29-year-old underwent a surgery on the head injury he suffered last Friday. Having said that, there is no clear view on his condition and it was stated that he is in a critical condition.

A life-saving brain operation was carried out on the 29-year-old British welterweight boxer – Coldwell boxing updated the news on its social media page.

The fight between Serge Ambomo and Jerome Wilson was stopped in the sixth, where Wilson was knocked down in round two. The boxer was then treated at ringside and given oxygen.

Being unaware of the rival’s injury, the London Olympian Ambomo reportedly knelt down over Wilson and kissed his head after delivering the knockout blow.

Later, Wilson was put in the recovery position by the Cameroonian’s trainer Glyn Rhodes.

Sources say, Ambomo 28, who previously beaten the Briton in May, later apologized.

With Wilson’s debut in February 2010, he has set a record of eight wins and two losses with no inclusion of Friday’s fight.

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