Even in losing stage the great people will always gains good respect

Even after Foreman lost the title, he gained a plenty of respect on the evening in Yankee Stadium. In the last three rounds of his World Boxing Association, he continued to fight with “sharp pain” in his knee in Yankee Bronx.

Foreman-Boxing-Champion Foreman who is now living in Brooklyn got slipped many times during the boxing attack, wrenching his right side knee in the seventh round. Even after he faced defeat against Cotto, the fans of Foreman were cheered him up with pleasure because despite of his injury he fought till seventh round.

By seeing this cheer up, even the cotto’s fans got impressed. Then Hispanic man from the Williamsburg said that he still respects Foreman because he tried a lot to win against Cott.

And many VIP’s gave a good speech about him. Aponte who was carrying the Israeli flag said that he is going to hang it on the wall nest to his Rican boxing gloves. Then a comedian Jerry Kahn echoed the Aponte. And he added that Foreman brought proud to all of them.

At last the great Foreman states that he already won a World Champion but now he will be called as former World Champion and that’s it. So always he has to keep on fighting.
His face cut and bruised, Foreman told JTA prior to the post-fight news conference that he was “emotionally upset” and that he had “a lot of supporters” in the crowd. Well-wishers speaking Hebrew offered their consolation.

And in the news conference he said that when he was 15, he fell off his bike so the leg injury could be traced back, to protect his knee he wears a brace on his knee. He also added that because of his knee problem he was unable to use his whole boxing power to give a heavy punch with his boxing gloves.

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Boxing Shoes presented to match with attire

Do you have interest to enter in the world of boxing? Or you just started boxing exercise in order to improve your exercises habits. If above mentioned lines represent you, then definitely you will have a requirement of boxing shoes. Boxing shoes and boxing shoe accessories are being manufactured in all types of colors to go with your requirements.

Boxing ShoesNowadays, you will be able to get boxing shoes in many colors which you most likely desire. In olden days the facility of choosing the color was not there, however as lots of women put step inside the boxing field and the demand of boxing shoes increased and various shoes offered in market with more feminine emergence. Apart from that boxing started to improve theirattire in order to allow the boxers shine while they are inside the ring.

At the present time a boxer can select any of color which he/she likes as a uniform inside the ring and they can get boxing shoes with exact match. In order to touch the sky in boxing you require the most excellent training, mental & physical power along with lots of strength and most prominently the finest boxing accessories.

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Williams got punched by Chisora in boxing heavyweight title at UK

On Saturday, at Upton Park, Derek Chisora- a Zimbabwean born boxer is a latest British tough champ subsequent to a next round walk out success over Danny Williams. In February-2007, as Chicora became proficient, he had been positioning in his ogles on the title.

36 year old Williams got beat from the 26-year old Chisora by means of a left hand that punched him reverse on the ropes. A huge upper-cut ploughed frontward by Chisora to put him on his backside.

Boxing ShoesChisora was fully equipped with boxing accessories like boxing gloves, boxing shoes, hand wraps, protective gear etc. Chisora’s hard punch was a follow up to a number of blows that had mystified Williams in the previous round- said by England report.

Williams came in July 2004 and he beat Mike Tyson as he came into much fame, come into view like pale from the beginning itself. He said he will slightly protect the strap than lose it said by Williams, subsequent to Williams defense were set on hold for lengthy hours, however he had threat losing the title.

In favor of the British title, Chisora was on the second number as contestant since before him there was Sam Sexton but Sam Sexton could not fight because his mother was in poor health condition- said Williams.

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Common Wealth Boxing Championship 2010

Indian Boxing Federation will announce the date and venue of commonwealth Boxing championships on Thursday. It has been decided to be held on March 10 – 18, 2010 at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi.
Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi
Canada along with England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Kenya, Samoa, Singapore and India has confirmed their participation in Common Wealth Boxing Championship 2010. Nearly 200 boxers are expected in this event.

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