What are the essential boxing equipments for beginners?

A professional boxer has to follow certain strict workout regime which requires special training equipments. One important thing to remember is boxer has to necessarily use safe equipments to keep himself safe before the big fight. The basic safe equipments are mouthpiece and hand gear. There are various types of handgear. Handgear is very important as knuckles and other parts of the hand will get damaged in no time. Mouthpieces, groin protectors and headgear is also quite common for sparring matches.


In training process, a boxer should obtain superior hand eye coordination and speed. To gain excellence in both areas, he can practice with the speed bag. Speed bag is a lightweight bag which can move in unpredictable locations. Heavier bags works out best for both beginners and veteran boxers. A boxer should have a good set of boxing clothing. Boxer’s clothes are basically loose fitting yet practical enough to withstand constant movement of legs and arms.

Boxing accessory may be a bit costly, but it is necessary for beginners to be at the top. Many online wholesale and retail stores like may assist boxers in obtaining the right equipment for specific needs.

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Wear Safety Equipments While Boxing

To save yourself from injures you should wear protective gear while boxing.

Boxing Headgear

  • Wear well-padded, professional boxing headgear to absorb punches thrown to your head, preventing serious injuries. It also protects your eyes and ears.
  • Protect yourself by wearing groin protector, which is heavily padded and worn beneath your trunks. By wearing this equipment your hips will not get damaged by a misplaced punch that falls below the belt.
  • There are different boxing gloves for training and competition purpose. If you notice competitive gloves are heavily padded to absorb shock and prevent injury to both parties. Wrist protection won’t injure your hands or wrists when you throw a punch.
  • Chest Protector

  • While boxing wear mouth guard or mouthpiece. Mouthguard can protect your teeth from getting knocked out and protect your lips from damage.
  • While boxing wear chest protector to absorb shock of any punch thrown on your chest. Since you are taking punches on your chest, it can damage your sensitive tissues if you neglect the important piece of gear.
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Kickboxing and All About its Advantages

Kickboxing is a sport which combines both martial arts and boxing. Kickboxing has its roots ranging from Muay Thai, karate to traditional boxing. In America, practice of kickboxing takes both a competitive form, with an aim towards full contact events and a cardio fitness form. Some advantages of kickboxing are as follows:

Self Defense: KickBoxing Medal

Cardio kickboxing provides self-defense training. It helps develop good hand-eye coordination and allows the practitioner to practice delivering strong kicks and punches with your kickboxing gloves.

Reduce stress:

With the help of kickboxing a person is engaged in physical activity which helps to reduce stress. This can also release anger or feelings of aggression-risk factors for stress-in a socially acceptable way.


The body’s flexibility diminishes over time, in part due to natural aging and KickBoxing Glovesin part due to decreased activity requiring flexibility. Cardio kickboxing improves overall flexibility, strength and reflexes. These benefits can reduce the likelihood of sustaining injury during periods of exertion.

Heart Health:

Regular cardiovascular exercise reduces the risk of stroke, obesity and high blood pressure among several other risk factors for heart problems.

Improved Mood:

Kickboxing can have an impact on mental health. Due to kickboxing, your muscles may tone up, reduce weight which can improve a person’s happiness with his physical appearance which can enhance confidence.

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Boxing Hand wraps can be washed at home

Boxing Hand wraps are meant to protect your bones and tendons from getting damaged after repeated blows from the opponent in boxing. Hand wraps will also support your wrists and thumbs while fighting or workout. These should be worn while fighting and training to prevent injury. Do wash your hand wraps regularly for them to remain effective.

Directions to wash your Boxing Hand wraps properly:
Boxing Handwraps

  • After a fight or workout remove your hand wraps and put them in the washing machine and add laundry detergent. Switch on the washing machine.
  • Once the cycle is completed, take it out from the washing machine and let it dry.
  • Word of caution: Don’t put hand wraps into the dryer without proper accessories. If you use dryer to dry it, hand wraps will twist at the time of cleaning and become unusable. So it would be better to air dry.
  • Buy a special hand wrap wash bag if you feel air-drying is not the right option. By buying these special handwrap washbags your hand wraps will not get twisted during drying process and will be in good condition.
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