Marcos Maidana’s goal is to fight Floyd Mayweather said to Ring TV

Marcos Maidana’s (33-3, 30 KO’s) goal is to fight Floyd Mayweather will come if he wins over Josesito Lopez (30-5, 18 KO’s) in their fight at the Home Depot Center, in Carson, California, USA.

Since Mayweather is a boxing super star, Maidana has to work hard if he faces Flyod. If Maidana fails to face Mayweather, he has to fight with the winner of the match between Keith Thurman vs. Diego Chaves as well.


“My goal is to fight Floyd Mayweather and I have to keep working and training for It.” stated to Ring TV.

Mayweather has a difficult fight against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez on September 14th. If Mayweather wins Canelo he has to fight against the winner of the match between Amir Khan and Devon Alexander which will be held on December 7th. If Floyd wins this match the next fight will probably against Maidana but he’d to a face a serious fight against the winner of the match between Lucas Matthysse vs. Danny Garcia.

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Favorites of 2010 in each Boxing Match

2010 hasn’t been pretty for boxing fans as it was anticipated, namely, the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao not at all planned organized. Still, there have been few big battles, and there are lots more on the agenda as well. Here are the favorites for each match.


  • Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Rafael Marquez: This is as a great deal of a pick-em battle as there could be in boxing, and it’s an exceedingly interesting match between a young, hard punching dynamo, and a technical, efficient, all-action soldier. Any man could finish up winning this battle, but Marquez may be a bit too worn down pursuing his encounters with Israel Vazquez.
  • Andre-Ward-Vs-Andre-Dirrell

  • Andre Ward vs. Andre Dirrell: This is a competition of two grand, young American boxers, and former Olympic teammates and medalists. Ward is the present beloved to win the Super Six, and as such, he’ll be most wanted to beat Dirrell. Ward is a more absolute and psychologically strong fighter, with more tricks up his sleeve.
  • Carl-Froch-Vs-Arthur-Abraham

  • Carl Froch vs. Arthur Abraham: Further cheering up Super Six match, two of the solid punchers and strongest guys in the upper weight divisions set out at it in an essential collide, where each man wants a gigantic win to truly keep his trusts lively for winning the contest. Froch is more violent and wild, however Abraham arguably punches improved, and absolutely has the superior protection.
  • Manny-Pacquiao-Vs-Antonio-Margarito

  • Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito: Though Margarito obtained a high profile, big money fight after his current hand drape scandal, although this is still an interesting match where Pound for Pound kingpin Manny Pacquiao has to meet yet another much higher, much stronger fighter. Pacquiao’s rapidity and forcefulness should overpower Margarito, yet.
  • Juan-Manuel-Marquez-Vs-Michael-Katsidis

  • Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis: Marquez is still the champion at 135 lbs, and he’s approaching off a second success over Juan Diaz. Still, there have been rumors that Marquez is past his owing date, and he could be matured for the pick and choosing. With the hostility, steep will and fire power of Katsidis, he’s a big opponent to experiment that premise.
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    Heavy Bag workouts can strengthen your body

    A heavy bag workout is considered one of the best full-body workouts. Apart from fitness benefits, a heavy bag workout can develop certain other skills. Even if you’re not interested in boxing, using a punching bag is a challenging aerobic workout that helps in gaining strength. Nonstop punching is physically taxing; the best thing is to break your workouts into rounds. Boxers use three minute rounds with a minute of rest in between. Interval training routines are considered best for home workouts as it helps in keeping your intensity up and maintains your own pace.

    A person who spends time punching a heavy bag should wear boxing hand wraps. If he does not, it can lead to hand or wrist injury. Boxing gloves are also important. Buy punching bags from as it is inexpensive and it allows you to hit the bag harder without fear of bruising your knuckles. Gloves keep you safe and give you a good workout.

    New boxers may find it difficult to hit the heavy bag. If possible, they should get instructions from a boxing trainer or watch videos or DVDs to learn the basic punching techniques. Hanging a punching bag is simple, if you have the room for it. Make sure you have at least five feet of space all around the bag. Never keep the punching bag low, your workout will be less effective. If it is too high, the bag will be harder and you may experience some pain in the hands when punching.

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    What are the essential boxing equipments for beginners?

    A professional boxer has to follow certain strict workout regime which requires special training equipments. One important thing to remember is boxer has to necessarily use safe equipments to keep himself safe before the big fight. The basic safe equipments are mouthpiece and hand gear. There are various types of handgear. Handgear is very important as knuckles and other parts of the hand will get damaged in no time. Mouthpieces, groin protectors and headgear is also quite common for sparring matches.


    In training process, a boxer should obtain superior hand eye coordination and speed. To gain excellence in both areas, he can practice with the speed bag. Speed bag is a lightweight bag which can move in unpredictable locations. Heavier bags works out best for both beginners and veteran boxers. A boxer should have a good set of boxing clothing. Boxer’s clothes are basically loose fitting yet practical enough to withstand constant movement of legs and arms.

    Boxing accessory may be a bit costly, but it is necessary for beginners to be at the top. Many online wholesale and retail stores like may assist boxers in obtaining the right equipment for specific needs.

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