Safety boxing accessories will improve your assurance level. Boxing is much accepted sport for a very long time. In historic days there were not too many boxing equipments presented. In those time boxers were recognizable with boxing gloves; therefore only gloves were the most considerable thing for boxer. As boxers were recognizable only with boxing gloves they used to wear gloves before step inside the circle. But, now with the advancement of technology there are many accessories are available in market.

Some of the important accessories are mention below:

  • Forearm Protector
  • Kickboxing Bellypad
  • Leather Shin & Instep Guard
  • Magnetic Ankle Support
  • Magnetic Back Support
  • Magnetic Elbow Support
  • Magnetic Knee Support
  • Magnetic Wrist Support
  • Muay Thai Ankle Wraps
  • Shin & Instep Protector
  • Shin & Instep Protector

Boxing is a dangerous injury-level sport in which two individuals physically attack each other. This is a kind of sport that stresses physical strength. It is therefore critically significant that the boxers are ready with right boxing trimmings not only to enhance their performance but to ensure safety. Boxer can box with protection if they use right things and boxing can be much secure like other sports.

If you aim to be a boxer and want to enjoy playing the game of boxing without behind any shocking injuries Boxer must realize and understand that the necessary part of success is not only practice, insistence and assurance but also safety accessories.

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How To Pick A Best Boxing Trainer

Boxing is the famous sport in the world. It’s the sport that attacks with the punch and defense with the fists. Conversely, boxing trainer plays a very vital role in training up somebody a good boxer. But you should find a good boxing trainer to grow into an excellent boxer. This article will help you with information about deciding on good boxing trainer.

A good boxing trainer should be nationally certified by an acknowledged certifying organization. Subsequently you should ensure that they have liability insurance gives business policies in writing. Also it’s important to verify their background and their status as boxing trainer whether he is an amateur or professional? Other most important part to be a good boxing trainer is the talent to communicate, if not there is no mean them knowing their facts and good techniques when you cant follow their saying.

Further very important thing about a good boxing trainer is that he should motivate you. Boxing trainer must drive you until you cannot give any more. This will help you in both ends of physically and mentally. You also have to know things like how to get their schedule and if there any future demands on his or her schedule that will clash with your training.

Select a boxing trainer that has the admiration of boxing peers. You can also discus with other boxers about their experience of their rapport with their trainer. Find the good boxing trainer who can fit you in fighting shape with fights regularly. One best thing to do when finding a good boxing trainer is to inquire for a trial workout. However, you will get a chance to observe your trainer in your local gyms search.

The fees for a good boxing trainer will differ vastly. Best trainer can charge you anywhere from $15/hour to over a $100/hour. Find the boxing trainer who loves sport but not the sport for money and you will almost certainly get a winner.

Here in, you’ll get an absolute source of information on boxing accessories, strength/conditioning, trainers supplies, etc.

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Picking up the Best Boxing Gloves

Various accessories are required to play the game of boxing. One among them is the boxing gloves which is the mainly chief accessory for boxing. These gloves secure your fists from being hurt, while punching. Boxing gloves are also for working out and cut and thrust purposes. Boxing gloves are made up of either leather or vinyl and available in various sizes and weights that vary from 5 oz. to 15 oz. They also available with diverse ways of applying them on the fist – laces, hook and loop closures, rubber band straps, and Velcro are the most in style selections. Read the following article to know more about boxing gloves.

Different kinds of boxing gloves are required while on training boxing. Each type of glove differs by its use. However, selecting the best boxing gloves for your necessities can save your money and also facilitate you to make the utmost out of each boxing training session. The various forms of boxing gloves are bag gloves, speed bag boxing bag gloves and fight gloves.

boxing-training-glovesHeavy Bag Training Gloves

These gloves have padding that shields your hands when you’re working out with the heavy bag. It also shields your knuckles, hands and wrists from getting wounded. Though, it is important to buy high-quality. Lighter boxing gloves, around 12 ounces, are a little faster but give less safeguard. 14 ounces have a blend of both speed and sufficient padding, while 16 ounce gloves are greatest boxing gloves that shield your hands but may not be pretty speedy as the others.

Speed Bag Gloves

speed-bag-boxing-glovesThe other type of boxing gloves is speed bag gloves. These gloves are lesser weight than heavy bag training gloves, and this facilitates your hands to move more rapidly while still giving some protection from the bag. However, if you wish to use some type of glove for both heavy bag and speed bag training, you can go for for lighter heavy bag gloves.

Fight Gloves

Fight Gloves are another kind of boxing gloves used when you’re in the ring with a competitor or infighting during training. These gloves are particularly designed to reduce the injury done to both your hands and your opponent while sparring. They have additional padding than the heavy bag gloves and the speed bag gloves. Thus, most of the fight gloves weigh around 16 ounces.


Boxing gloves are probably the most basic accessory that a player needs to have before stepping into the ring. You have to pick best boxing gloves for healthier boxing. Go for leather gloves as they last longer and give superior support. The size you select in the boxing gloves is as well of much important. The sizes are available for both men and women in small, medium, and large. While picking for a best boxing gloves, also consider for great feature called a thumb attachment, or a thumb-lock to avoid thumb injuries or any accidental eye scratches that can happen during a match. Finally, pick high-quality boxing gloves that guarantee the best performance potential.

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Winning Boxing Techniques

The boxing game is growing more and more fame in the world of sports today. Chiefly, this game occupies two players where they punch each other to knock out each other. Young people can easily engage in this game. But before entering into the world of boxing you should be correctly trained. You need to learn the boxing techniques to play this game successfully. So, read on to know about boxing techniques used in the game of boxing.

There are varied techniques for boxing. The basic boxing techniques are categorized as stance, punches and defense boxing techniques.


Stance is one of the first significant techniques in boxing. In this technique, the player positions with the legs shoulder-width apart to have a fully erect stance. Both feet tipped just inward. The right heel is off the ground. The lead (left) fist is place perpendicularly about six inches before the face at eye level. The rear fist is placed close the chin and the elbow folded against the ribcage to shield the body. The chin must be tucked in the chest to evade punches to the jaw that causes knock-outs.


Punches have four different kinds including jab, cross, hook and uppercut. In jab technique, punch is quick and straight, this technique is done with the lead hand from the guard pose. The fist goes around 90 degrees and turns horizontal after collision.

However, the rear hand is clutched nearby the face to shield the jaw. The cross is a straight punch done with the rear hand. Beginning from the guard position, the rear hand is twisted from the chin. It passes through the body and travels towards the goal in a straight line. The rear shoulder is progressed forward. Its final position is just outer the chin. At the same time, the lead hand is pulled backed and positioned across the face to shield the inside of the chin. The torso and hips are turned around counter-clockwise as the cross is performed.

A semi circular punch is performed with the lead hand to the side of the opponent’s head and this punch is known as hook. Starting from the guard’s position, the torso and hips and rotated clockwise. The fist is pushed through a tight, clockwise bend across the front of the body and joins with the target. Accordingly, the lead foot spins clockwise and the left heel twist outwards. However, uppercut is a perpendicular; rising punch is made with the rear hand. Starting from the guard’s position, the torso shifts slightly to the right and the rear hand goes down below the stage of the opponent’s chest. There must be a trivial bend in the knees. As a result, the knees thrust upwards quick and the torso and hips turn anti-clockwise.

Defense Boxing Techniques

One of the main important and commonly used boxing techniques is straight left jab to the head. In this style of techniques for boxing, the chin and partly the mouth has to be covered with the left fist. The left hand is set straight and the left elbow goes up according to the onward movement of the left fist. The chin must never be uncovered by the left fist. Yet, a further basic boxing techniques straight jab to a stomach entails keeping the body bowed in a waist and knees, take a step with the front foot and when the goal is contacted, the widened arm has to be parallel to the floor. This jab can force the opponent to lower the hands and release the head for more attack.

Right uppercut is one more type of defense boxing technique. This technique is performed by standing in a boxing stance as well as holding the back knee bent. In this technique, you should lower your right shoulder to bight the right side to make a semi-crouch position. Your fist must be positioned amply upwards close to the chin to cover the head. The hips have to be twisted forward, driving the ball of the back foot and punching the right fist upwards towards the goal. The right arm continues close to the body and rotates in a semicircle.

Follow the above fundamental boxing techniques and become a winning boxer.

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