Mexico’s Mijares vs. Armenia’s Darchinyan

Armenia’s darchinyan looking like a Tasmanian devil is ready face the target he is pointed for. Both mijares and darchinyan represent the best of 115 pound junior bantamweight or super fly division. With the remaining week, mijares will put WBC and WBA world title against darchinyan IBF to become the best fighter in the division at home depot centre on Saturday Nov. 1. Both Spanish and English language press arrived at el paseo inn restaurant to cover the press conference promoted by Gary Shaw Productions and DiBella Entertainment.

Darchinyan 32 lives in Australia and training Las Vegas, said that last august he knocked out the Russia Dimitri Kirilov. Most of them were surprised to see at the ease as it was not that easy because of supposed boxing ability of former champion. We knocked out Mexico’s Victor Burgos last time at this same home depot centre. And fight with nonito donaire made nonito unconscious.

Mexico’s Mijares, 27 comes from fighting family has fought three times including august 30 were he knocked out Thailand’s Chatchai Sasakul. When for the first time he captured the world title, he was just a name on the fight card in Japan. During the press conference- darchinyan predicted that fight will end in a knockout win when he meets mijares.

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Olympics boxing is worst this year for US

On the differing end of the range from Michael Phelps, the most Olympian ever, at least as pertains swimming, is U.S. Olympic boxing group the most horrible Olympians ever, at least as pertain American boxing.

The essential lock out has been quick and harsh and displays the core faults in this country’s amateur boxing system. One American would leave Beijing with an award. Deontay Wilder, a long-lasting from Tuscaloosa, Ala., has boxed below three years. He crooked to the sport during October 2005, after he had to give up college basketball to mind for a daughter with spina bifida. He would compete in a semifinal bout Aug. 22 against the pre-tournament preferred, Clemente Russo of Italy.

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Benefits Offered In Kickboxing

When people come up for kickboxing, they use some of the techniques and tips to make it powerful. The main purpose of performing boxing is that it increases the strength, flexibility, sharpens the impulse and help to relieve stress. Some of the techniques followed in kickboxing are front or push kick, side, semicircular, hook, crescent and back kick. Generally, boxers use this kind of techniques to fight against the opponent. To remove stress from the body, the boxer is required to use some of the flexible operation to succeed. More benefits can be obtained from the kickboxing sports and adequate equipments are also provided.

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