Boxing – Quillin takes on Wright on June 2

Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin (26-0, 20 KOs) steps into the ring on June 2 to fight four-time World Light Middleweight Champion Ronald “Winky” Wright (51-5-1, 25 KOs), America’s top middleweight will have the added inspiration of winning for his father, Pedro. Quillin-Wright is the 10-round Showtime co-feature at Home Depot Center in Carson, California. Thirty-two years to the day (June 2), Pedro left his native Cuba en route to Miami on boats with his fellow countrymen in look for of freedom.


“He ran off the boat so fast he left his shirt and shoes on the boat. They gave him flip-flops and he thought that they were high-end sandals because he was America.” Quillin explained that his father had served 13 years in prison for unfairly selling beef. Pedro was a butcher and there was a strict food allotment in Cuba. He slaughtered cows and illegally sold meat in his neighborhood. Pedro stayed a few days in Miami before relocating in Wisconsin, lastly settling with family members in Chicago, where he worked as a butcher. Peter was born there in 1983.

“Many people gain success by overcoming adversity,” Quillin said. “I was never given anything but I’ve stood on my own and now I’m close to fighting for the World Middleweight Championship. Beating ‘Winky’ Wright will get me closer to complete my dream. My father and brother, Chedrick, have been with me in Las Angeles during this training camp. They’ve motivated me. There’s nothing more I’d like than to give them a big win against ‘Winky’ to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of my father’s freedom.”

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How to select best punch mitts and its holding styles

Punching mitts, also known as focus mitts, help fighters increase accuracy when working high impact blows such as jabs, uppercuts, hooks, elbows and other type of punches used in the mixed martial arts disciplines. Punching mitts are designed in small sizes averaging the size of a human head.


They help fighters get better hand-eye coordination when interacting with the trainer holding the mitts. Styles of punching mitts include contoured, curved and rounded mitts. Although they’re similar, the right punching mitts for you depend on your combat methods, skill and techniques.

1. Evaluate the type of outstanding used in your discipline and your level of expertise. This is significant because there are different styles of punching mitts and the best punching mitts for you will depend on these factors.

2. Use extended mitts, also known as normal or classic mitts, if you are a beginner. Extended mitts are bigg er than average, making it easier for beginners to strike the mitts when training. Extended mitts are also good if you train MMA or disciplines such as may Thai because they slot in leg, elbow and knee strikes. Some punching mitts are even called Thai mitts which lets you know that they are for upper and lower striking.

3. Select focus punching mitts if you are a specialist, professional or have sufficient experience in your discipline. Focus mitts are smaller, requiring more accuracy because the punching target is smaller. The boxing focus mitts come in styles such as contoured, curved and round to keep your punches in the middle of the pad. The style you need is totally up to personal preference as they all have the same functionality and server the same purpose.


4. Decide the type of textile you want for your punching mitts. Generally, punching mitts are made of vinyl, cowhide and leather; however, leather is less durable because it cracks faster, mostly if you train on a regular basis.

5. Estimate your budget. Punching mitts come in various brands and some brands are more costly than others. The price range will also depend on the type of material you want your punching mitts to be. Before you buy the punching mitts go to your local sporting goods store and do explore online to contrast prices. Some online stores you can visit to check prices include Boxing Depot, Ringside and Title Boxing Store.

Basically there are three types of mitt holding styles:
1. Performance
2. Technical
3. Comprehensive

Performance mitt holding is a style that is more about the power game or the speed game in short bursts. Performance Mitts will classically be done with one punch, two punches or three punches but not more. The goal is power and/or specific tuning of a few skills.

Technical mitt holding is a style that’s more about speed. Power is in there as well but the focus is on structure rapid fire combinations and defenses. Mixture and patterns here can run very deep. Good technical mitt holders are outstanding to watch.

Comprehensive mitt Holding is a combination of the above two. For example, the coach might start out with technical and as problems in a fighter’s game show up; they convert to performance in order to shore up definite shortage.

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Boxing: The top Ten Paper Title winner

As the year comes to an end boxing fans have witnessed great fights, horrible fight judging, new comers, old lions show that they can still put on a show, but sadly we also have witnessed how the Paper Title Champions are quickly becoming a solid trend in pro boxing.


The belt collectors have been aided by the greedy promoters to achieve world championships but they just cannot fool Boxing fans who know very well what a real boxing world champion is and what exactly a paper title champion is.

The current Top Ten Paper Title Champions are:
1. I’ll let the reader pick the undisputed top pound for pound number one paper title champion of the world.
2. Marcos Maidana defended his title against a low ranked and unknown fighter.
3. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., drops two places; looked in great shape and defeated Sergio Mora by KO5 in his title defense.
4. Erik Morales aims to engage against Antonio De Marco for another manufactured belt next year.
5. Alexander Povetkin will defend his belt against low ranked Cedric Boswell tomorrow at the Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland.
6. Andre Berto scheduled to fight against Victor Ortiz on February 11th.
7. Vyacheslav Senchenko one title fight in 2010 and another in 2011 against poor opposition.
8. Saul Alvarez defeated former welter champion Kermit Cintron but keeps on avoiding top contenders.
9. Austin Trout defeated unknown and low ranked Frank LoPorto by KO6 (November 11) in a title match.
10. Cornelious Bundrage has not defended his belt since May 25th but still has not been stripped of it.

Ladies and gentleman, boxing fans around the world, as an old song said you aint seen nothing yet, the best fights are yet to be seen next year. Happy Holidays to the readers.

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Floyd Mayweather beats Victor Ortiz at the MGM Grand

Floyd Mayweather Jr continues his perfect record with a controversial fourth-round knockout of Victor Ortiz at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Mayweather better to 42-0 and claimed the WBC world welterweight title as he blasted Ortiz (29-3-2) to defeat amid sensational scenes. The contentious finish came after Ortiz was deducted a point late in the round by referee Joe Cortez for a deliberate headbutt. Then Ortiz, clearly full of regret, cuddled Floyd and apologised.


As the two fighters then broke, Mayweather unloaded with a left hook and a right that sent Ortiz rolling to the canvas. TV replays appeared to show that either Ortiz or Cortez was looking at Floyd when he unloaded. The controversial finish may well take some of the gloss off what had up to that point been an expert performance from ‘Money’.

Despite a 16-month absence from the ring he was in the groove right from the opening bell, and could barely miss with that trademark right-hand counter. Ortiz tried to get inside and throw punches in bunches, but Floyd just smiled through his gum protect time and again before countering and making good his escape.

By round four it was a boxing lesson from Mayweather Jr, with Ortiz quite simply outclassed. And it appeared that disappointment got the better of Victor as he butted Mayweather with Floyd on the ropes. Then, within seconds it was over, with the MGM Grand erupting into chaos as Mayweather delivered the knockout blow.

The post-fight interviews in the ring, televised by Primetime were approximately as high-octane as the bout itself, as Mayweather and HBO analyst Larry Merchant became engulfed in an angry slanging match. Mayweather said:I got hit by a dirty shot. The rule is protect yourself at all time. We are not here to cry and criticize about what he did or I did dirty.

When Merchant pressed Floyd about how the fight had finished, the fighter erupted with You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don’t know sh about boxing. You ain’t sh.The 80-year-old Merchant, clearly upset by that explanation, responded tersely: I wish I was 50 years younger – I’d kick your ass.

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