Goodison Park World Title – Wrestle for Bellew

Goodison Park world title -wrestle for Bellew

Professional darts corporation director and British boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn has firmly inveterate that he is looking into the possibility of Tony Bellew testing for a world title at cruiserweight at his adored Goodison Park in the spring.

Bellew conquered WBO light heavyweight champion Nathan Cleverly last month in order to even the score defeat in his first world title challenge at 175lbs back in 2011. With an intention of success he is now aspiring for the WBO or IBF belts at 200lbs.

The German WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck lately told World Boxing News that he is involved in conferring with devout Blue Bellew about a battle at the home of Everton FC, even though Hearn says IBF holder Yoan Pablo Hernandez is also in the casing.

Currently, I’m planning for Tony Bellew to have the next move with, after he got his revenge over cleverly, “Hearn said in his Daily mail column. “”I’m in negotiations with both Marco Huck and Yoan Hernandez concerning cruiserweight world-title fights with Tony.

The rest of the allotments are on familiar terms that he sells. The statistics from the weekend were very good and that makes him lucratively attractive to all of them.

“At the present time, it looks like his subsequent fight will be for a world title in the spring. We are by now in deep deliberations with Huck, the WBO champion from Germany, and I can disclose we are also talking to Hernandez, the Cuban who has the IBF belt.

“We have noticed the city of Liverpool get at the rear of Tony and I am in talks as regards putting on a battle for him at Goodison Park. The concern is whether we could get one of the world champions to exchange blows over here.

“Taking a look from that perspective, Hernandez seems keener to pass through, so we’ll hang around and witness how it pans out in the next few weeks,” he added.

Nathan cleverly has called for a tie-breaker match flanked by the duo to clear up their disparities once and for all, since Bellew moves on to better and bigger things, the battle looks dead at this point.

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Magnificent Women’s Boxing World Champions Crowned

Magnificent Women’s boxing World Champions crowned

Dr Ching- Kuo Wu- the president of the International Boxing Association (AIBA- the world amateur (Olympic-style) international boxing association) rewarded mark of respect to the “magnificent new champions”; this honor is for the category of Heavyweight women’s and it happened on the final day of the 8th Women’s World Championships in Jeju, Korea.

Dr Wu said: “The calibre of competition here in Jeju has been magnificent, so our new World Champions can depart for home with great pride that they are the best boxers in the world today.” Following are the list of the new 2014 Women’s World Champions:

• Light Fly (45-48kg): KYZAIBAY Nazym, Kazakhstan
• Fly (51kg): ESPARZA Marlen, USA
• Bantam (54kg): PETROVA Stanimira , Bulgaria
• Feather (57kg): DOBRYNINA Zinaida, Russia
• Light (60kg): TAYLOR Katie, Ireland
• Light Welter (64kg): BELIAKOVA Anastasiia, Russia
• Welter (69kg): BYLON Atheyna, Panama
• Middle (75kg): SHIELDS Claressa, USA
• Light Heavy (81kg): YANG Xiaoli, China
• Heavy (+81kg): MAGOMEDALIEVA Zenfira, Russia

Speaking after the finals, the president said: “Ever since it’s momentous launch at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Boxing for the category of Women’s has become popular round the globe hugely- and this is finally established by the massive wealth of talent that has contended in Jeju.”

The progress of women boxing has been one of my greatest importance’s ever since my appointment as President of AIBA. When we proclaimed that women boxers would battle at the London Olympics in 2012, many of them were uncertain whether it would work out. However, of the entire games, women’s boxing competition proved to be one of the greatest accomplishments.

“Now, with just two years break, all multi-sports Games will have Women Boxing Competitions and our target is that Women boxing will, in future, also be an integral part of both our new APB and WSB competitions.”

As an ending note, Dr Wu expressed his sincere thanks to the Boxing Association of Korea (BAK) and its President, Mr. Yoon Seok Chang, besides to the Governor of Jeju Special Self-governing Province, Mr. Heeryong Won, for systematizing and hosting such a event that’s highly successful and to the Championship Supervisor and AIBA Executive Committee member, Terry Smith, from Wales.

“The association part, together with the setting of these 8th women’s world championships was excellent. I’m very obliged in fact for all the huge efforts that have moved out into ensuring the championships ran efficiently, also I’m grateful to the Governor and the people of Jeju for the hospitable reception they have extended to everyone coming to their beautiful island,” said Dr Wu.

280 competitors from 67 countries took active participation in the Championships in all of the 10 AIBA Women’s Elite weight categories, in total. Following countries competed with the maximum number of 10 women boxers namely: China, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Russia and the US. As a whole, European boxers succeeded 21 medals, Asian boxers with 13 medals and six boxers won medals from the US. However, with regards to the leading factor, Russia dominated with five (including 3 champions) and China with four (with 1 champion). Italy, Turkey and the US won three medals each; Azerbaijan, England, France, India, Kazakhstan and Thailand each won two medalists; and Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines and Ukraine won one medal respectively.

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Wadi Camacho’s Bite Fight Ended In Debar

With a stiff and heated competition, it comes as no surprise that professional sportspersons can sometimes be on the warpath. We’ve seen this happen quite a few times now, but at times the competition doesn’t merely take a turn for the worse. In certain cases, the competition takes a turn for the childish and that’s when players end up with bite marks.

Wadi Camacho’s bite fight ended in debar

After Luis Suarez’s latest biting incident on the pitch, in the sport of boxing it is Wadi Camacho. In the pantheon of all-time sporting biters, perhaps there are several interesting stories in the history of boxing. Seeing that, he is not the first wrestler to have a nibble, nevertheless the “bite fight” ended up in disentitlement of Wadi Camacho.

Towards the end of the second round of his clash with invincible Craig Kennedy; the cruiserweight prizefighter champion was disqualified.

With fan’s soaring expectations and hopes of victory for their desired pugilist, all went short when Camacho bit off a chunk of Kennedy’s skin. This unsporting behavior prompted referee Martin Williams to step in right away. Having said that, this action of Camacho has not only cost him the match, but has also put him in a bad light!

In the wake of the argument, Camacho protested his innocence, even though on second screening, may have been blameworthy of a rush of blood to the head.

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Exclusive Punch Bag For The Fashionable Fighter

Have you ever spent £69,000 on a punch bag? Karl Lagerfeld has designed luxury leather boxing range for the stylish fighter!

Exclusive punch bag for the fashionable fighter

This is an exclusive boxing set for Louis Vuitton. Not an easy to make one, it takes 12 months to build one.

It comes along with a pair of gloves; however, it would come with an additional cost of £4,000. This custom made bag includes a punch bag enclosed in a trunk costs £69,000

Having said that, there is a warning of a high price tag as well and that is, the words Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld used in one sentence packs a particularly pricey punch.
In order to produce such luxury boxing equipment range, the German designer has teamed up with the French fashion house.

Following are the list of items that the collection includes:
• Set of gloves
• Gym bag
• Custom-made leather trunk with a punch bag tucked inside.

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, it prides you on an aged cowhide leather trim with golden-brass hardware and consists of four inside compartments and two zipped pockets.

The best part about the bag is that is serves for dual purpose, apart from using it as a punch bag, the trunk can be used as a travel closet.

The set includes:
• A monogrammed mat
• Pair of boxing gloves

In addition, it also includes a pair of leather boxing gloves worth almost £5000

This luxury sportswear isn’t the first attempt by Karl; previously he has created surfboards, skis and dumbbells. In view of the fact that, there are only 25 in production currently, you got to hurry if you need one.

Having created havoc in the sporting world, this product has provoked outrage. The former world champion Ricky Hatton has shown his condemnation of the higher-priced product on twitter.

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