Successful Debut for Andrew Flintoff in professional boxing

Former England cricket all rounder Andrew Flintoff made a successful boxing first appearance at the MEN Arena, climbing off the picture to beat Richard Dawson on points. Flintoff was bottom by a left hook in the second but had much the improved of the rest of the session and was satisfied for his destructive display with a 39-38 point’s success. The 34-year-old Flintoff was roared on by a raucous home crowd, as his effort to make a winning set up to another section of his sporting career.

Andrew Flintoff

Having been specified exhaustive coaching by former world champ Barry McGuigan and his son Shane, Flintoff made a quick start against the 23-year-old Dawson, who had won his only two earlier fights as a pro. The heavyweight bout was competition over four two-minute rounds and Flintoff was on top in round one, missing with several blows but landing with plenty of others and backing Dawson into a corner at one point.

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