Types of Punching Bags and Boxing Styles

Boxing Styles
There are three main types of styles that boxers fall into when boxing. These replicate how they move and how they punch. It is commonly thought that the styles are a lot like rock, paper, scissors in that one approach beats another while it will normally lose to the third. However, this has been disproved many times and is only accepted as true.


This type of boxer will usually throw single and powerful punches against their challenger. A lot of brawlers are able to throw a punch which can knock out an opponent in a single blow. The major problem with this fighting method is how slow the boxers usually are to punch. By being so slow they can be countered a lot more simply.

Inside Fighter

This type of style is frequently played very forcefully and incorporates an in your face type of play. The idea is for the boxer to get and stay close to his opponent and knock him out with multiple fast punches. This is a great class to be used by medium weight boxers.

Outside Fighter

Boxers who use this style type will normally stay toward the outside of the ring and work on keeping their opponents away from them. The idea is to wear out your challenger rather than knock him out. This style is usually played by lighter class boxers who don’t have the power for heavy punches.

Types of Punching Bags

Punching bags are standard tools for boxers who are working their trade and trying to develop, and they also help others get in shape, increase their strength and improve their speed and patience. Heavy bags are designed to build strength and punching power, while speed bags improve quickness and coordination.

Standing Bag

The standing bag sits on a hollow base that is usually filled with sand or water for steadiness. This bag frequently weighs 250 pounds when it is filled, and it is designed for mixed martial artists who want to work on their punching and kicking. The bag is enclosed with high-impact bubbles so the fighter will not damage his wrists, hands or feet when he delivers a blow.

Heavy Bag

This canvas bag is suspended from the ceiling and is primarily designed for boxers or mixed martial artists who want to work on their punching ability. By delivering square punches to this heavy bag, the fighter will increase strength and volatile power. The bag sways as physically powerful blows are delivered, and that’s a main factor. The sway helps the fighter develop a sense of timing when delivering heavy punches.

Speed Bag

This is an important piece of equipment for a fighter who wants to increase the skill to throw punches in combinations. The speed bag is hung from a round standard at about head height. The speed bag weighs about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds and bounces metrically off the round standard when hit correctly. The fighter learns to time the speed bag in order to throw exact punches and develop coordination. This is an exceptional tool for non-fighters who are looking to develop hand-eye coordination and endurance.

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