Williams got punched by Chisora in boxing heavyweight title at UK

On Saturday, at Upton Park, Derek Chisora- a Zimbabwean born boxer is a latest British tough champ subsequent to a next round walk out success over Danny Williams. In February-2007, as Chicora became proficient, he had been positioning in his ogles on the title.

36 year old Williams got beat from the 26-year old Chisora by means of a left hand that punched him reverse on the ropes. A huge upper-cut ploughed frontward by Chisora to put him on his backside.

Boxing ShoesChisora was fully equipped with boxing accessories like boxing gloves, boxing shoes, hand wraps, protective gear etc. Chisora’s hard punch was a follow up to a number of blows that had mystified Williams in the previous round- said by England report.

Williams came in July 2004 and he beat Mike Tyson as he came into much fame, come into view like pale from the beginning itself. He said he will slightly protect the strap than lose it said by Williams, subsequent to Williams defense were set on hold for lengthy hours, however he had threat losing the title.

In favor of the British title, Chisora was on the second number as contestant since before him there was Sam Sexton but Sam Sexton could not fight because his mother was in poor health condition- said Williams.

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