Proposal to construct boxing stadium rejected

PUNE: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) standing committee on Tuesday rejected a proposal to construct a boxing stadium within the ArunkumarVaidya stadium in Bhavani Peth. The committee said that construction beyond 15 per cent of the total area was not permitted on any sports ground.

Speaking to press reporters, NCP corporator Sandeep Ladkat, who had opposed the proposal, said that already there was too much construction on the premises of the stadium.

“The stadium is actually a municipal establishment. However, it is run by a senior politician of Congress party as if it were his personal property. It is difficult for ordinary citizens or athletes
to make the most of the stadium,” Ladkat said.

He pointed out that the proposal to construct a boxing ring at a cost of Rs 1 crore had been tabled in a very hasty manner, because the funds had come from the state government.

“Already there is a pavilion, gymnasium and cultural hall on the premises, and the total construction is above 15 per cent which is against the state government rules. This is why we opposed the proposal,” Ladkat said.

He added that in future, if such construction proposals affecting Pune’s sports centres were taken up, he would file public interest litigations in the high court.

Meanwhile, Congress corporator Avinash Bagve held a press conference on Wednesday criticising Ladkat for bringing in personal vendetta to oppose the proposal.

“The boxing stadium is infact going to be of great help to all the upcoming boxers to be able to compete at international levels. They would be able to prepare for Commonwealth games scheduled for next year, but one corporator’s ego issue is going to prevent all of them from reaching their goal,” Bagve said.

Members of Krativeer Lahuji Salwe Matang community threatened they would agitate and blacken the face of Ladkat if the the proposal was not reconsidered.


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