Undefeated Australian Champ Brayd Smith Dies

Undefeated Australian champ Brayd Smith dies

Australian boxer Brayd Smith who was admitted in hospital after a serious head injury dies. After falling to Filipino John Vincent Moralde in a pugilism bout in the featherweight division, Smith sustained serious head injuries which eventually ended in demise.

Smith apparently collapsed hours after his 10-round bout not in favor of Moralde at Rumors International in Australia. He was in life support and was reportedly to be found into an induced coma when he was in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Smith, who is a fourth year Law student, is the son of Brendon Smith who steered the career of former WBO champion Michael Katsidis.

Having rushed to the hospital after feeling unwell in his dressing room, sources say that he had severe head injuries. James O’Shea, who knew Smith, spoke of one of the young boxer’s goals.

“His thoughts were nothing other than boxing and he really wanted to change the image of boxing,” O’Shea said in an interview. Apart from becoming an undefeated championship, main goal of his in life was to show people that boxing is not a bad sport, because this sport has gained a bad rap a lot of times.

“So many people have a high opinion of him,” he said of Smith.

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Undisputed Middleweight Champ Jermain Taylor Transferred to Arkansas Drug Center

Former Undisputed Middleweight champion, Jermain Taylor awaiting trial on some felonies and misdemeanors, was ordered by an adjudicator on Tuesday to be shifted from a secure private hospital to a residential drug treatment centre.

Undisputed Middleweight champ Jermain Taylor transferred to Arkansas drug centre

In addition, the judge also ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device on Taylor’s ankle. Subsequent to the arrest in January for supposedly threatening a husband and wife along with their three children with a handgun, the Former world middleweight champion underwent a court-ordered psychiatric examination.

Witness told police that, Taylor fired one shot into the air. No one was injured.

A state doctor of psychiatry told the court in February that Taylor, who is in front of physical attack, alleges in two gun-related incidents, should get psychiatric care and be supervised for substance abuse in lieu of incarceration.

He was scheduled to preserve his title in April. Alluding to his lawful and medical complications, the international boxing federation last month affirmed the middleweight championship unoccupied.

In 2014, he recaptured the title while free on bond and awaiting trial for purportedly gun firing a cousin.
During the 2000 Olympics, the boxer has won a bronze medal and seized the world middleweight belt in 2005 not in favor of Bernard Hopkins. With that said, he discarded the competition in 2009 following a brain injury sustained in the ring, nevertheless commenced a reappear in 2011.

With 20 knockouts, Taylor has a professional record of 33-4-1.

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Pacquiao, Mayweather Fight Chaos Still Exists

Pacquiao, Mayweather fight chaos still exists

When it was reported that the much-awaited and most expected fight had been finalized, former boxing champions and boxing fans all around the world became overjoyed. This most expected fight apart from having much expectation from boxer’s side, many channels broadcasting them live were also waiting for it to happen because of the deal of money they could earn from this particular show. With people already giving their predictions about the fight, despite negotiations not been concluded.

Ever since the fight had been announced, expectations of fans and people have only scaled up high and high, as it could be one of the most money-making and toughest fights in boxing history.

A source close to Pacquiao stated that the deal has been agreed to the contractual terms and it was expected to sign before the tip-off the NBA All star game between Eastern Conference and the Western conference.

With full expectations of people assembled there, the American was in attendance at the Madison square garden just to declare that the agreed deal that has been doing the rounds is just a rumor. People gathered for the NBA All Star game were expecting an official announcement, which was thought to be only a matter of time, but this declaration once again left the boxing fans in the dark.

Having said that he had not signed the deal, he also mentioned that Pacquiao too hadn’t signed it. However, Mayweather is sure about the result and expects the fight to happen soon.

“That’s not true. I haven’t signed yet and he hasn’t signed yet. It’s just been speculations and rumors. But hopefully we can make the fight happen,” Mayweather told the TNT crew.

There have been many times when Pacquiao challenged the American making people trust that the Filipino wants the bout to take place more than the American. But when a face to face meeting between the champs was disclosed by Mayweather, it was understood that even Mayweather wanted to come to blows.

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The Most Awaited May Weather vs. Pacquiao Fight Will Happen Soon

The most awaited May weather vs. Pacquiao Fight Will Happen soon

The long awaited and most expected May weather, Manny Pacquiao fight could just be a matter of time with both the welterweight champions showing great personal interest in the competition.

Both of them have shown great interest May weather’s intent is known via a video post over the social networking site, Instagram, while Pacquiao has stated it in an interview with Fox News.

“I’m thinking that the fight will happen,” said Pacquiao.

“So confidently within a week’s time, we can hear from them and confirm the fight…I don’t want that [the fight not to happen] when I retire boxing, and there’s a big question to the minds of the fans.”

It was quite a few weeks before where both the welterweight title holders were said to have met in a hotel to thrash out about the bout, with May weather leaking a small clip on social networking site.

The video makes clear about May weather’s seriousness about the fight, where he has said: “I congratulate him [Pacquiao] on his career.

“He had a wonderful career and I had a wonderful career, but before we leave the sport, of course we have to make this fight happen.”

Boxing fans round the globe want the fight to shape up as well.

With the intent of the boxers been disclosed clearly, it is HBO and Showtime that’s facing pressure and they seem to have been a major hindrance for the fight, nevertheless, HBO has told that they are not a hurdle to the fight.

While Pacquiao is contracted with HBO, May weather is contracted with Showtime.

Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, just a few days ago stated that both the networks have agreed to a deal, but Showtime chief Stephen Espinoza made it clear that a deal had not been completed.

More than a few media reports have asserted over the past few days or so that the private deals for the competition between the boxers have been agreed, counting a better financial share for the American in the tune of 60-40.

It is of no importance, how much HBO says that they are not an impediment, it is the network deal, which has not made the grade to see the fight happen.

The major impediment is the terms for the deferred air of the shared pay-per-view.

Despite the difference of opinion, both networks, at the same time are aware of the money that they will be making from this fight, so it is expected that the networks will come to a common agreement in the end.

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