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Friday, July 24, 2009

Confident Wladimir

According to Rafael, IBF heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko will face number #3 ranked IBF contender Eddie Chambers rather than Alexander Povetkin, Klitschko’s number #1 binding opponent. The Alexander Povetkin assistant trainer Teddy Atlas wants to get Povetkin in training fight before Povetkin takes on Klitschko. That is like a good policy by Atlas, because Povetkin, 28, has looked less than planetary in his last two fights, beating Taurus Sykes and Jason Estrada

Povetkin, 2004 Olympic heavyweight Gold Medalist from Russia, appear to need more experience before being locate in with a capable fighter like Wladimir Klitschko, who at 6′6″ would have a considerable height and reach advantage over the 6′2″
Chambers, recently defeated Ukrainian Alexander Dimitrenko by a 12 round majority decision on July 4th in the WBO Heavyweight Title Chambers dominated the entire fight, hurting Dimitrenko with uppercuts and knocking him down in the 10th round. Chambers ignored Dimitrenko’s attempts at jab and was able to control him on the inside with hooks and uppercuts to the head.

Dimitrenko fight well when he was on move, fighting well in the first five rounds and then periodically thereafter. But Dimitrenko’s energy dull extensively after the 5th, and Chambers was able to take command of the fight and punish him the rest of the way. Dimitrenko’s face was badly hurted, especially around both eyes from the big shots from Chambers.

There is no better time For Chamber, and then he has to fight Klitschko. Chambers has got back to back wins over Samuel Peter and Dimitrenko, and fighting at the best way of his career. Although Chambers will be giving up well over 30 pounds in a fight against the 240 pound Wladimir, He proved to Dimitrenko that he can able to solve how to get inside the reach of a tall fighter.

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