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Friday, September 4, 2009

Juan Marquez Using Mayweather

Juan Manuel Marquez has a single-minded willpower to avenge his uncertain 12 round divide decision defeat at the hands of Manny Pacquiao and is using his September 19th fight against Floyd Mayweather as a tool to get another shot, his 3rd, at fighting Pacquiao. It’s unlucky that Marquez, 36, has to go through Mayweather to get one more shot at Pacquiao, because Marquez’s clash last year with Pacquiao appear to be a badly scored bout, much like the Juan Diaz fight against Paulie Malignaggi. To many boxing expert saw the fight, they thought that Marquez should have been given the conclusion by at least two rounds. However, Pacquiao finished up being awarded the conclusion. And in its place of giving a rematch to Marquez to clear up the argument, Pacquiao encouraged on to fights against David Diaz, Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton.

Marquez know that this might be his best and only possibility at forcing Pacquiao to fight him, because unless Marquez beats Mayweather on September 26th, Pacquiao will have an reason not to fight Marquez. Manny surely won’t opt to fight Marquez if he loses, because Pacquiao won’t desire to face a boxer that was just beaten. And by the moment that Marquez picks up two or three wins to get past the defeat, Pacquiao could perhaps be out of boxing as he runs into the sunset chasing what may end up being an unfeasible dream of being the president of the Philippines. To prevent that scenario from occurrence, Marquez is leaving to have to beat Mayweather and he’s going to have to do it in an inspiring fashion as well. And to beat a boxer that is a big bucks winner for boxing like Mayweather, you have to beat him so poorly that the judges can’t possibly give him the win for fear of being exposed and ridiculed.

Mayweather will be in front of a fighter that will be more resolute than he can likely ever imagine. If Mayweather isn’t as spiritually focused as Marquez, then Floyd is going to get beat and beat bad, because actually wants this fight. Marquez is in outstanding shape, looking muscular, and strong-minded to win.
Mayweather, who has been livelihood the high life for the past two years, improved hope that he has sufficient left of his talent or else he’s going to get hurt and beaten by Marquez. Mayweather is counting on his momentum advantage to be a vast asset that gets him through this fight. However, if Marquez is talented to neutralize Mayweather’s speed, then the clash will come down to whoever wants it more. Mayweather, at that point, will encompass to outwork Marquez or else he’ll end up losing the fight.

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