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Monday, August 31, 2009

Guerrero Defeats Archer

Boxing return to the Fitz Casino and Hotel Saturday night with a status room only crowd entertain by a short but action-packed night of fights. In the planned eight round main event, unbeatable southpaw Fernando Guerrero faced off with fellow super middleweight Chris Archer.

Guerrero started first round with a chopping left hand to Archer's midsection. Later Archer was down, grimace from another left to the body. Archer appear to be fighting out of the southpaw posture briefly but switched to conventional midway through the round. Chris was bright to land, largely by countering against Guerrero who was getting the machine rolling.

In second round Guerrero deliver an attack of body punches for most of the round. Archer survive the round by being slick sufficient to roll to his right and off the ropes were Guerrero pressed the attack.

In the final round of the fight, Guerrero cranked up the heat. Where Archer possibly will not defend with his guard, is were Guerrero hit him. Well execute shots flew and ricocheted off Archer's body, forcing him to take a knee. He would make the tally only to be overcome once again and referee Randy Phillips stepped in to give a standing eight. During the tally Archer's corner waive the clash off. The game Archer would not quit - happily his corner did it for him.

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