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Speed bag is one of the popular punching bags. By hitting this equipment every day you can learn the art of controlled power and speed. The awesome sound and fury of the rhythm can be hypnotic, and that’s what keeps people to come back. If you want to know more about speed bag read the whole article.

Benefits of speed bag:

Eye, Hand & Foot Co-ordination:

Hitting the bag with one or both hand continuously will improve your eye, head and foot work co-ordination. Intense focus is required to repetitively hit the bag at high speeds. If you’re an amateur boxer, you may miss the speed bag, but by starting slow and working up to higher speeds, you will increase hand-eye co-ordination equally with both fists.

Punching power:

By punching the bag continuously at constant speed your hand speed and power will increase.

Fitness benefits:

Punching can build shoulder and arm strength. This in turn helps in shaping, toning and defining the muscles involved. It helps to increase muscle size and definition because you are required to hold up your arms for minutes at a time, throwing powerful, fast punches to hit the bag as it rebounds.

Rhythmic Expression:

With a little practice, you can develop on your rhythm and also learn to read your opponent’s rhythm. You should coordinate your punching rhythm with the rhythm of the bag as it rebounds.

Less Injury:

Speed bag training will cause less injury.


Speed bag equipment can be used by both male and female. All age groups can use this boxing equipment.

Speed bag Training:

  • Speed bag is a stuffed ball-shaped item that is attached to a platform by a hook. The ball is suspended below the platform. The hook allows the ball to move in any direction when struck. When training with the speed bag, the user must hit the bag a set number of times before it rebound off the platform.

  • Accurate Punching is very important in boxing. If you strike a moving target with the speed bag it will help you learn how to land punches. Practice using such strikes as jabs, hooks and straight punches to simulate attacking an opponent’s moving head. You can also learn what your punch range is by using speed bag.

  • The ability to react to what your eyes see is vital in boxing. Openings in your opponent’s defense can appear and quickly close at a moment’s notice. It is important that you should be able to attack these holes when you see them. Speed bags can help you learn how to attack when your eyes see the best moment. So it is important that you keep looking at the bag and attack before it rebounds in front of you.

  • Speed bag can develop the muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders. Keeping your hands high is important during a boxing contest. This helps you defend your head and face against oncoming blows. As you hold your hands up while training with the speed bag, your body will get accustomed to doing so during a fight. Working with the speed bag for extended periods of time can develop your stamina.

  • Before training with the speed bag, you should warm up and stretch your upper body muscles. Due to the position of the apparatus, you can strain your muscles from overuse.

Speed bags are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Though sizes are fairly same, the exact shape of each size depends on the company making it. But if you notice there is very little difference between brands, if one company has a medium size bag of 11*8, then another company may have 11*7. That’s why every person buys a size, shape and brand that they prefer.

Speed bags sizes sells different sizes of speed bags:

Large Bags:

  • Sizes: 11*7

  • They are very slow and easier to control. They build strength and power. These larger bags are made up of leather. These bags create heavier pounding rebounds and require a stronger reinforced board, preferably 36 inches.

Medium bags:

  • Sizes: 7*10

  • Medium bags are middle ground for speed and ability.

Small bags:

  • Sizes: 6*9

  • By using this bag, a boxer can have excellent control on punching power and swinging speed. Not best for beginners.

  • Made up of leather

By using speed bags, you can improve your power and strength. A common man or boxer can also reduce weight if they keep punching everyday for at least half an hour.



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