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Basics of Kickboxing







    Kickboxing is a sport where the participant is allowed to kick during boxing. It is a martial art that is often referred as cardio kickboxing. According to a study, if a person does an hour long cardio kickboxing exercise he can burn nearly 350 to 450 calories. It is equivalent to an hour of brisk walking or light jogging. Exercises reduce stress. Kick boxers can picture the situation that causes them stress, then punch and kick their stress away throughout their session. Since kickboxing is a martial art it can improve your self-defense skills. People who take cardio kickboxing classes for fitness benefits also develop skills and strength that can be used for self-defense.

    As with any exercise program or sport, check with your doctor before beginning. Learn the necessary safety requirements and start slowly. If you’re suffering from posture problems and have poor coordination, you can strengthen your core and improve your reflexes and coordination skills. Kickboxing helps you release endorphins which will give your mood a boost and help you feel more confident. Since kickboxing has high-energy cardio routine it can give your body and mind a boost, and will increase your energy levels. You’ll be breathing hard and sweating out toxins; this process will give your energy levels a must needed boost.


Kickboxing Equipments

Chinese Kickboxing:

It is also known as Shaolin Boxing or Shorinji karate. This is one of the oldest forms of kickboxing. In this type, you can punch with your fists, kick with your feet and strike with open hands and elbows.

Thai Bo Power Kickboxing:

It is a mix of Chinese, Thai and American Boxing. Thai Bo Power kickboxing provides an effective toning workout when combined with yoga stretches and heavy bag work.

K-1 Kickboxing:

This is another martial art form. It combines techniques from karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, San Shou, American Kick boxing, Western boxing and other striking arts.

American Kickboxing:

It is a combat sport also known as Full-contact kickboxing. It allows full contract blows with the fists and feet, participants are not allowed to strike below the waist. This form of kickboxing is known to focus on speed, motion strategies and footwork.

Aerobic Dance Kickboxing:

Aerobic Dance Kickboxing is meant for exercise and not self-defense. This type of kickboxing is done with music.


Different types of kickboxing equipments are mouth guards, boxing gloves and shin pads. Mouth guards protect the kick boxer’s teeth and jaw from injury during fight and sparring. Basically there are three types of Mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards, stock mouth guards and custom mouth guards.

Boxing gloves are another type of kickboxing equipment. They are used to protect the kickboxer’s hands from being injured during training or a fight. These gloves can be purchased in different weights. If a glove has a higher weight, it normally means that it has more padding in the glove. Typically, during a fight, a professional kick boxer uses boxing gloves that weigh 8 oz or 10 oz.

Shin pads are an important part of a kick boxer’s equipment. By wearing this equipment you can protect your legs during training or a fight. These pads are available in different types such as cotton foam-filled or synthetic rubber. Most of the kick boxers prefer shin pads that are not too bulky and are lighter. Other kickboxing equipment includes head protection, boxing clothing and boxing shoes. Safety is one of the most important aspects for those participating in kickboxing.

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