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Basics of Boxing Gloves








     Boxing is a vile sport which requires lots of training and dedication. Sparring is the most important warm up before a fight. It requires moving around in the ring and touching gloves with your opponent. In a professional boxing match there are twelve rounds and three to four rounds in an amateur match. There are three weight divisions the boxers fight in. There is lightweight, heavyweight and welterweight. Light weight is for boxers who weigh 90-120. Welterweight is for boxers who weigh 125-140. Heavy weight is for boxers who weigh 150 and up.

     In boxing one of the major equipments that are required is boxing gloves. Without boxing gloves, a match will never start. Boxing gloves can protect the hands of the striker. Different types of gloves are available for competitions, sparring practices and other types of training. Modern type of gloves will cause fewer superficial facial injuries but greater brain damage to participants.

Boxing gloves - basics


    Bag gloves are light in weight because boxers use a punching bag to improve hand speed and a heavy glove would hamper this development. Bag gloves have protective material that covers the knuckle area. During practice sessions, wearer may need to take off bag gloves quickly when switching between exercises. Due to this reason bag gloves are loser than training gloves. Velcro strap fastening is at the wrist.


    Training gloves are used for sparring and are designed in such a way that it protects the hands of the wearer and also ensures the safety of the opponent. This type of glove will not weight less than 10 oz. Training gloves rarely exceed 20 oz. Training gloves have thicker, denser foam that covers more of the hand. Foam must be extremely dense to prevent it from becoming displaced when in use. This type of glove will be padded on the bottom and the knuckle area, since the wearer will be required to block as well as punch. This type of gloves is designed to protect the opponent when he or she is hit, the knuckles when hitting and the hand when blocking. It has a fastener which is very tight, with a thicker Velco strap. It should be smooth, to avoid scratching the opponent. Material should be made up of goat skin or vinyl, must be of high quality and durable.


    Before stepping into a gym or boxing ring make sure that you have a right pair of boxing gloves. Having a bad pair of boxing gloves may diminish your fighting ability and also cause injury to your hands. So it is important that you choose a boxing glove that will be comfortable and within your budget. Read these steps before buying a pair of gloves:

  • There are wide ranges of boxing gloves in the market, from the inexpensive sports gloves to gloves that may cost hundreds of dollars. What matters is how seriously you will be boxing. If you’re just going to punch a punching bag once a week then go in for a low price; if you are planning to get into the ring then go in for quality ones.

  • Choose the right kind of glove. There are various kinds of gloves like the training gloves, speed bag gloves, kick boxing gloves or open thumb grappling etc

  • Try them on. It is important that you buy a pair of boxing gloves that will fit your hand. Gloves should be comfortable without pinching any of your fingers or part of your hand and should not slip at all once laced. Before buying pair of gloves speak with your trainer about the fit.

  • Buy gloves from an online store like where you can get good deal.

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